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  1. Just an update... I took my daughter to the GI dr today. He reviewed her results and said that her AGA IgG result either means nothing or is a false positive. He doesn't want to scope (neither do I for that matter). He said that he doesn't know what the ttg/dgp test is but her IgA is normal even with her total Iga is borderline so that is the test most likely to show celiac. He isn't sure what to make of her results because the Aga usually isn't run anymore and NCGS is "controversial." So bottom line is I got no answers. He wants to repeat with a full, complete panel & geneti
  2. Thank you all so much for all of your opinions, suggestions and comments!! I am definitely following up with a GI specialist and maybe an allergist. I also started keeping a log of what she eats during the day (she tends to gravitate towards gluten-free stuff more often then not so for her result to be high when she is eating mostly gluten-free is concerning as well). And the reason she eats a lot of gluten-free is because she was allergic to milk until the age of 2 so we bought a lot of allergen free products that she is just used to eating still. Don't get me wrong, she still eats some g
  3. My daughter (5) just had bloodwork done due to severe constipation. They tested for celiac (family history) and other bowel disorders. These are her results... Her Antigliadin IgG is very high (moderate to strong positive). Everything else normal. I keep reading different things but can not get a definitive answer on the high antigliadin. The doctor has not given me any guidance yet - I just seen the results posted online. Any ideas if this points towards celiac or something else? Or is it normal? Bowel Disorders Cascade Atypical pANCA
  4. So my husband had a celiac panel done (family history). He has basically no gut symptoms. His Gliaden Iga & Igg were negative. His ttg Iga was negative. However, his ttg Igg was elevated (28, normal less then 20). He went to the GI dr who told him that having an elevated ttg Igg alone was no indication of celiac and that he does not have the disease. He said that some people just have elevated ttg Igg for no reason. There has to be a reason for the elevation, correct? His cbc bloodwork was all normal. Dr said there is no need for further testing (ie, EMA, vitamin deficienci
  5. He had an endoscopy back in 2011. It was negative. He doesn't want to repeat the endoscopy. I will have him see GI to see what they say. They may want additional testing & /or genetic testing. He doesn't have GI symptoms but he has random tingling in his hands. Could be unrelated but I remember reading that could be a symptom. I wish testing was like a pregnancy test - positive or negative!
  6. I just picked up the report. They did not do the EMA. The ranges for all tests above (with exception of total iga) are <20. The only elevation is the ttg igg. Is this blood test, along with his mother having the disease, enough to diagnose? He does not want another endoscopy.
  7. So I had my husband repeat the blood work (initially it was done in 2011), Here are his test results. I am waiting for the full report with the ranges and EMA results - I was hoping someone might be able to shed some light? All we were told are is ttg levels are elevated and see a GI dr. CELIAC PANEL 2017-04-15 IMMUNOGLOBULIN A 246 GLIADIN IgG 16 GLIADIN IgA 6 TTG IGA 7
  8. 2 questions: My husband tested a weak positive for celiac, however his biopsy was negative. He can eat gluten and has no issues. He does say he sees a little blood in his stools. Does a weak positive mean he has celiac? (FYI, his mother has celiac). My daughter, 7, has an Iga deficiency (19). The GI dr, at age 1, said she was positive for celiac but her biopsy was negative. We did nothing at that point and continued with her regular diet. I had additional testing done on her recently and she was positive for DQB1 02 but her ttg Iga & ttg Igg were negative. She doesn't compl
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