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  1. I was also reading that transglutaminase is used in the cheese making/yogurt process. Is this also a concern for celiacs...
  2. Gaerty

    Splinter hemorrhages

    Am doing ok. Took the vit C and iron and by the beginning of August all the splinters had disappeared. Stopped taking...
  3. Gaerty

    Splinter hemorrhages

    Just wanted to see how you were doing. Did the iron and vitamin C work for you?
  4. Gaerty

    Splinter hemorrhages

    So great to hear! Actually makes sense with the iron, as vitamin C helps in the absorption of iron. Sounds like a good...
  5. Gaerty

    Splinter hemorrhages

    Hi Spencer88- just wanted to update you on the splinter hemorrhages. I went to my GI doctor and he ran a bunch of bloodwork...
  6. Gaerty

    Splinter hemorrhages

    Have been dealing with splinter hemorrhages on three of my toe nails since February. I did go to my doctor who rightly...