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  1. I absolutely love Three Bakers brand! All of their varieties are good. Ancient Grain is my favorite. I guess it depends on what kind of bread you like--those are good toasted and for say, grilled cheese or sandwiches. In my free pre-gluten-free life I use to like heavy hearty breads, Italian style right out of the oven. I have only gotten the feel of such bread at Le Pain Quotidien cafe and their gluten-free bakery breads. Nor sure where they have locations or can they be ordered on line. Lately I discovered O'Doughs --heavier style, lasts a while longer, too, bigger packaging.
  2. I have been on the gluten-free diet for the past 5 years after being very sick for a while until finally diagnosed with celiac. One of the hardest things that I had to deal with was not when I went on the diet, not the looking for gluten-free products, but when I had to persuade some of my friends and relatives , who knew me as a foodie and eat-all person, never on a diet, that I can no longer have ANYTHING that contains even the slightest amount of gluten! Some thought that I was just being pretentious, some that I was on a quest for good figure and youth. But the most disturbing was when, after checking the labels of hot dogs at a birthday party someone told me to just have some and when I get the stomach pain I will know that there was gluten in it! It is embarrassing enough to have to refuse food, to do all the explaining, reading labels, and on top to have to handle remarks of ignorant people, who have no idea of the degenerative disease and the tall in can take on the sufferer. Another type of people are once who say, "Oh, but there is just this little bit of oats in this, they have no gluten, have they..?" Or "it is only the vinaigrette that has it..!"--and still offer you food, that you know will make you suffer for at least 3-4 days post being nice to the hostess. I have had to pretend that I am eating, secretly give it to the dog, or just...chew and discretely spit it out in my napkin! I have suffered a few times with accepting food that is gluten-free for sure and it was not, and learned my lesson. I wonder if I should start saying that I have a deadly Gluten allergies, so restaurants and well meaning hostesses should stop offering me this just little bit of it in it. Because you do not offer just a little bit of a peanut to someone with peanut allergy. I wonder what should be done to make the public more aware of this disease and not to think that if we are not rushed to the emergency room we could just have a little bit!
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