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  1. It took me a while to figure out that it was not gluten sneaking into my diet that was making me sick--it was milk and ice cream. All other dairy is fine. The dietician at my clinic told me that all diary is not created equal! Ice cream and frozen yogurt are common digestive trouble-makers. Once...
  2. I like crunchy cereals, so the "Kind" granola-type ones are my favorite. I got sick from the supposedly gluten-free Cheerios so have not returned to those. Chex has been good. I also make a baked oatmeal/coconut milk/egg/banana/apple muffin kind of thing (no flour). I make a batch, freeze them...
  3. No, no, no! Don't cut yourself off from your friends and social life because you feel you can't eat what everyone else is eating! I can't think of a single bar or restaurant I've been to where I haven't found something to eat. It may not always be what I would like to order/eat, but I'm not sitting...