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  1. So happy been gluten free for 3 months and have had my first perfect blood test in a year. Iron ferritin gone from 10 to 36 folic acid back to normal and raised liver enzymes back to perfect. Its crazy what gluten can.do to you. Doctor wants to leave it 6 months before doing another celiac blood...
  2. I never really suffered physical symptoms from Gluten it was just low iron and folic acid and biospies confirmed damage to the villi and blood test strong positive. The plus points my loose bowel movement in the morning has gone. I have always gone twice a day but now they are perfect brown bowel...
  3. I was diagnosed 4 weeks ago by endoscopy and then had the blood test. Strong positive for celiacs iron deficency and very slightly raised AST liver enzyme. My doctor said that the AST ties in with celiacs and is quite common with recently diagnosed celiacs. He said it was of no consequence. What...
  4. Anybody have raised liver enzymes just before diagnosis. All my liver tests where fine except my ast level was very slightly raised. GP said it was of no concequence and is quite typical with celiacs before going gluten free. I have had celiacs now confirmed by blood test and biopsies. Just wondering...
  5. I never asked but is it ok to have a glass or red wine at the weekend or should i avoid it
  6. I was diagnisoed with biopsies and then had bloods taken. Iron stores low which i expected and liver enzymes very slightly raised. My doctor says this is to be expected with celiacs and i start gluten free today but the liver one worries me anyone else had this i suffer from health anxiety and dont...
  7. Hi im male age 37 and was having maybe every 4 weeks trapped wind loud stomach noises and went for blood checks with GP. All was fine although wasn't checked for Celiacs but my iron ferritin was at 11 and my folate was low. GP put it down to all the marathon training i was doing but I wasn't convinced...