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  1. I'm also really sensitive. I do eat Udi's now, though I didn't eat any packaged products for years after my diagnosis. I have, however, been glutened by other gluten free products. When was the last time you called the companies of...
  2. Wow you sound very similar to me in demographic and symptoms! Let me assure you that having celiac disease is nowhere near as terrible as the symptoms I experienced before going gluten free. I would joyfully give up gluten again for how...
  3. Immune and Autoimmune responses can be so strange. When I was diagnosed with celiac disease, eating small traces didn't bother me one bit and I had a grace period for getting the hang of the gluten free diet. 2-4 moths later? WHAM - cross...
  4. Wow I really feel for you here. I used to work on ships doing research and I eventually quit and changed careers because no one was able (ahem, or willing) to try and accommodate me; I got many of the same "a little won't hurt" comments...
  5. celiacsojourness


    It's been years since my celiac diagnoses and I still get the occasional surge of anger, though more for the fact that celiac is continuing to be misdiagnosed in others than for my own personal experience (I had to badger for a celiac test...
  6. celiacsojourness

    21 and I feel 90

    When I was in the early stages of recovery after my celiac diagnosis (and by early, I mean 18-24 mos), a friend told me about a friend of hers who was really sick and was still not able to eat much without feeling terrible, until 5 years...
  7. celiacsojourness

    does sugar free chewing gum cause problems

    YES. I was never able to find a chewing gum that did not bug me, for whatever reason.
  8. celiacsojourness

    Meeting celiacs in Seattle

    Hi! I'm a celiac in Seattle. Nice to meet you. I do not know any other celiacs in Seattle. When I was first diagnosed, I emailed around to some celiac awareness groups to find out that there were none actively meeting at the time. I do suppose...