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  1. It’s a auto immune disease but it’s also genetic, maybe one person of your extended family may have it ? But it is completely normal to be the only one out of my family (apart from getting into 5th cousins or what ever) I’m the only one so your not the only one !!!
  2. Aisling Eldridge

    I cant stop eating gluten

    Honestly I know where you are i have been though a phase where I didnt really care about it. what you need to do is think look if I do this I will get ill and this disease can trigger a load of things to happen and it will be painful. And if I carry on doing this to myself eventually I could get cancer and my heart could even stop beating. thats what you need to tell yourself because trust me you will definitely benefit from not having extra health problems on top of Celiac as it’s hard enough on its own
  3. You might have Celiac but the way to find out is to go to see a specialisted physician and to get a blood test, also make sure you don’t make a fool of yourself and do a lot of research on it and write down a food diary for a week with gluten within your diet and at the end of the week write a summary of how you were feeling then the next do the same just take all the gluten out of your diet and then at the end of the 2nd week write another summary. some symptoms of celiac include- bloating upset stomach headache (in some cases migraines) problems with hearing and memory (usually short term) fatiuge weak bones gas constipation diarrhea Sudden weight loss before I was diagnosed I was not underweight but I appeared to be Anxiety or depression Rashes (I got small but really painful spots like loads on the backs of my upper forearms and would get a really bad reaction to heat in the shower or bath ext) Lack of growth, this could be the reason why you haven’t grown in a year but it might be linked to you being a premature baby I’m no doctor but I have had Celiac or known about it and lived with it for 6 years and I’m around your age I’m 13 and I had most of the symptoms listed but everyone’s different I personally didn’t get a lack of growth but I know it is a symptom after a lot of research. I hope I helped you xx
  4. Can you tell me if it’s bad because I’m not sure and I’m curious😃
  5. Hi I’m 13 and I am finding this so difficult, I was diagnosed when I was 8 so near on six years ago now and I still find it incredibly hard to cope especially round friends ext. but one of my really close friends has it too but what can I do cause I can’t simply forget about it.