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  1. well here I am with more questions than answers.. I am or was a very super active metal fabricator. In 2008 I crushed off six fingers... ok..? 12 years later here we are... I did very well with everything.. stress mgmt. 2 years ago I seem to remember it was a weird year. people were getting sick 2 or 3 times and not getting better.2015 2016. I got sick really sick backache tons of. well lets be real here.... snot.... infact it got so bad that I said to my lady. I think I am gonna die... 3 months ago my glands swoll up in my groin and armpits ONE MORNING I WOKE UP WITH A BASEBALL SIZE GLAND IN MY NECK.... I freaked out.... I am on clindamycin HCL. 600 mg a day...lump in neck gone...armpits and groin still weight is super ripped muscles are skin is a mess... so I googled skin problems and here I am... as a young boy I had horrible hay fever.. that's what it was called in 1976.... haaaa I also was tested for food allergies in the 80,S.. today I AM..LEARNING.. ABSORBING INFO... Now I need to heal my painful fingers....millions of microscopic almost to quite visible lines that are dark or dirty for lack of description. Skin is weak? hurts and splits...I have splits on my right thumb that look like blood just harsh pain..... I KNOW PAIN... I hope this effort of mine. Helps someone .. I KNOW I NEED YOUR HELP.. chances are I have a disease that mimics this one.. but I HAVE TOO MANY SYMPTOMS TO IGNORE THIS.. thank you... Paul W. ( MR.FINGERS)