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  1. My son was a very fussy, gassy, clingy, unhappy baby. He has diarrhea constantly from birth & would cry most of the night with several bowel movements & would be exhausted all day. I switched him to a dairy formula at 8-9 weeks & within 24 hrs he was much easier to deal with & had normal stool. At about 5 months he became less clingy. We've thrown gluten back in a couple times, mostly by accident & he had symptoms again. Now that he's 2.5 yrs old his main symptom seems to be fatigue instead of diarrhea. Since he's already on a gluten-free diet I asked my Dr to order the gene test. He said tissue iga/igg would still show if he was celiac. Results are: tTG IgA <2 u/ml (normal range 0-3 u/ml). tTG IgG 2u/ml (normal 0-5 u/ml). Should I be excited that his results appear normal & not worry about occassionally accidental contamination causing him damage? Or push for the gene test? He had ingested a few goldfish crackers 24 hrs before the test.