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  1. I am going to have to go to the dr's next time with him so I can ask all of these questions. I have been getting a lot of "I don't knows". I think it was just a lot to take in. Next check up we will be ready to ask away lol
  2. I had a good talk with him last night. He is going to try. That is a start. However, he was at his aunts house and was telling her about his diagnosis and she said she has a friend who has it and she still drinks beer, so beer is ok (yes I am aware that there is gluten free beers, however she was not talking about that). She told him that it would be ok for him to have that. I have a feeling that I am going to lose my mind with ignorance ?
  3. I am sorry to hear that, but thank you for your honest reply. I think this is the kind of stuff that he needs to hear. I am hoping by becoming actively knowledgeable myself about celiac disease I can help him. Before this past incident he was never in the hospital or had any issues other than a head cold or flu. I am sure it is a lot to process - but I am a believer in prevention vs. pills when it is available. Love the man to pieces but URG!!!! He's so frustrating lol (been together 21 years, happily married for 14)
  4. Yes my kids are being scheduled for testing already. They are much easier to help! The dr.'s told him his illnesses "could be" or are "likely" to be from celiac but they can't know for certain. I know that dr.'s don't want to provide bad news and leave a patient feeling hopeless, however I feel that they gave him a false sense of reality with the way it was presented. I do plan to go with him next time and I do not have a problem telling it like it is to the dr's in front of him. Maybe because I research it more I have more knowledge to be able to ask more personal questions linked directly to him and his health. As far as counseling goes I think it might be a good idea for support for both him and I. I can't help but take the comments about wanting to live a short "happy gluten filled life" being better than not eating something and living longer personally. We just don't see eye to eye on this at all. Again, maybe it is denial. but I want to show him these cases of younger people and ask if that is what he wants for both of us to go thru.
  5. My husband was recently diagnosed with celiac. I think it has been harder on me than him so far, or perhaps he is in the denial stage. We knew his test results a few weeks ago and I immediately went gluten free after some "surface research" to support him. I have remained gluten free and I am waiting still for him to jump on the wagon. It is great that there are so many positive discussions about living healthy with eliminating gluten, however, I feel that he is not taking it seriously. He believes that because he feels fine he is "better than the disease" and it will not effect him like others. Being that it is silent celiac is not helping him make the change either. However, he currently has NAFLD, a thyroid issue, inflammation of the intestines with no villi - completely smooth intestinal walls, and I worry about his heart being that he has the fatty liver and heart issues already run in his family! He was also recently in the hospital hours away from a rupture with an intestinal blockage (which he does not relate to celiac, but I have a feeling it played a part in it). The blockage was what lead to the testing. When he spoke to the dr.'s about his test results they were very positive and helpful to him making sure he knew that he can recover damage done. However, I feel that he came home thinking it was ok to cheat once a week or once a month at the least. I really wish I was at the dr apt because I know my husband and I think the scared straight approach would have been much more effective than the everything will be unicorns and rainbows talk he was given. I have been doing some research trying to find negative comments about people who did not follow the diet and how their health may have declined. Perhaps people who regret not making the lifestye choice of gluten free sooner, but I am not finding anything to show him that long-term effects DO happen if you don't take action now. Does anyone have anything I can share with him? Real life stories not what "may" happen. I will also be going to the dr.'s with him next time to ask my own questions. I am the one who prepares our meals and it is effecting the whole family. I have zero issue with going gluten free. We eat home a lot and I am a person who looks for what I can have vs. what I can't have. I Have been making gluten free meals for the past few weeks and he doesn't even know it lol, however when he goes to work I can not control what choices he makes. We have three children and with him having health issues he can't feel already I am terrified things will continue to decline. Perhaps I need more support than he does at this point. We vacationed at his parents house for the holiday weekend and I told his mom about what was going on. She was devastated and felt sorry for him (I hate when people feel sorry for people!) she then immediately made him some cheese bread and ordered a pizza. I am aware that this will be an on going battle, but I need him to get on board with saying no. I realize that every day he will be faced with situations like this!
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