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  1. Thank you! He is scheduled for an endoscopy in 2 weeks. I just had my blood taken today. I don’t eat a ton of gluten on a daily basis. For the last week I have more than i usually eat. Do you think that will be enough to have the blood test show if I have it as well? I have been tested for everything under the sun because i suffer from joint and muscle inflammation. I also have horrible rashes that were biopsied to see if I have lupus. No lupus. I’m thinking i have been suffering from celiac as well for over 15 years and the docs never ran the panel for it. My endocrinologist just told me I would feel better if I gave up gluten so o did. He was right but I’d like to get a definitive answer.
  2. My 15 yr old son recently came to me and said he didn't have any emotions and felt disconnected. I thought this was due to summer boredom, teenage hormones and sitting on his phone too much! A couple of days later he was a mess and crying which is not like him. He asked to talk to a therapist and I found an awesome one that day! She suggested that I also have my son's blood tested since I have hypothyroidism, an unspecified autoimmune disease and low vitamin D. The pediatrician tested his thyroid, drug/alcohol, testosterone and asked if I wanted him to test my son's antibodies. I assumed that was an ANA test, but wasn't really sure what he was talking about. The pediatrician called with the results and said everything was normal with the exception of his tTg levels. They were elevated @ 99 and he believed my son has celiac's disease even though he doesn't have any digestive issues. He said that depression and ADD (which he has) are also symptoms. He suggested that he go gluten-free for 6 weeks and we retest to see if the tTg level goes down. He explained if it went down, that would mean he has celiac. If it doesn't go down he could have another type of autoimmune disorder but could explain further. I am going to get a second opinion and further info from a specialist. Since my son doesn't have GI issues, would I still go to a GI dr?