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Hard Week



This week was especially difficult staying away from gluten and resisting temptation. I was with friends most of the week...and they always tend to get pizza and want to go out to eat. I have no problem going out to eat, but I usually like to plan ahead before I go.


I was craving chocolate earlier this week and resisted the temptation....making myself wait until I went home to get my dairy free choc. chips. ;) Good thing I did that!


I know there are always going to be difficult days, but since I found this website, I feel immensely better about resisting temptation. I find myself being more thankful with what I have, and not other problems as others do.

I know I was brought to this site for me to learn, enjoy and grow for myself and possibly help others.


Thank you to all for any support and kind words.

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I'm glad that you could resist the chocolate! That's something I also find hard to do. Peanut butter balls, a Christmas classic at our house, are made with peanut butter, margarine, and confectioners sugar and are dipped in melted chocolate chips and coconut oil (changed from shortening). I have dipped a lot of them already, and it can get messy. It's soooo hard to not lick my fingers...so I have my own batch :)
Keep up the good work and don't give into temptation!

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