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Well, today I ate a small amount of oatmeal....not realizing that I don't think I should be eating that.

So far, I have been ok, without severe consequences.


I feel like my body sometimes needs a "cleansing flush", because sometimes I have diarrhea..yet I have not eaten anything 'bad' for a long time. Not sure about that. Anyways....


I have been looking for a type of soy cheese that has mozerella and american/cheddar flavors? Any ideas.

I thought that I might have to order the cheese online and then freeze it.


My other question if anyone can answer is.....

Does anyone else crave Proteins??? I have these weird cravings for only protein all the time. I am guessing that is because I am not getting all the nutrients I would normally get from the other foods (i can't eat). There are times I only want to eat hard boiled eggs, baked beans, bacon, and just meat. Very strange! I guess it's better than eating gluten or dairy. :)


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