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My Journey



My most severe symptoms that affected my daily routine started August 2008 with constant diarrhea. I thought at first it was anxiety, since I started graduate school, a new job and moved to a new place with a person I had never met. Lots of changes in a matter of a month. After a while nothing got better, it actually became worse.

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Once I started tracking what was happening, I was soon gaining weight with the diarrhea (instead of losing weight) I finally went to my doctor and told him all my symptoms. With my background of my bachelor's in Athletic training I knew that I most likely had gluten intolerance. My doctor thought I might have lactose intolerance, so I cut out dairy for a week, nothing happened. Next I took out wheat and gluten products as best I could. **This worked to an extent**.


My final results after the blood test was:

Celiac Disease (gluten enteropathy)

Casein sensitivity

All in all. I am now have a lifestyle of gluten free and all dairy free foods.


So far, the dairy has posed to be the worst out of the two evils. Cravings of chocolate and cheese have been difficult, but taking each day at a time and knowing the consequences if I eat something on "accident".


Currently, I have lost the weight I gained and I am continuing to lose weight, by only changing my diet and not much else. I am happy for that at least, my clothes fit again :)


Happy Thanksgiving to all.



Recommended Comments

I don't have celiac (just gluten sensitivity), but I also have casein sensitivity. I try to resist cravings as well. Resisting chocolate is hard! I found that some dark chocolate is safe -but that also depends on how sensitive to casein you are. I enjoy Lindt, which is produced in a facility that processes milk. Since my sensitivity is fairly low, I think that's ok for me. Another dairy I like is sour cream -on nachos, which also have cheese. It frustrates me that I would be able to have nachos except for that, and so I still have to have my own special dish.

I think that's what's the most frustrating about not being able to have gluten/casein. I have to have my own special dishes and I keep other people from having what they like. This Thanksgiving, the turkey can't be cooked with the stuffing in it the way a lot of people like it, because the stuffing has gluten in it. I also have to have my own dessert. Then there's also visitors, and visiting other people. I have to have my own things everywhere, and I don't like it when people apologize for it. Thankfully, I haven't been out to eat since I was diagnosed, so I haven't had to deal with that yet. I'm glad that I wasn't a big dairy (mainly cheese) eater before I was diagnosed.

On the up side, though, if you don't like a food, there's a good chance that it has something you can't have in it, or something you're not sure about, and you don't have to have it.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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I understand the frustration with other people that try to apologize for you, but they have no control over anything...so they should just understand that we have to do things a different way. I usually bring my own food wherever I go, and I have a bag of food in my car, most of the time that is the best way for me.

I would suggest for the "dining out" (which I do not do much), however, Applebee's has an oriental stir fry, which I get with grilled chicken instead of breaded chicken. This dish is very good and a huge meal, so there is always left overs. Another big chain I heard that has gluten free food is Outback Steakhouse. Most of the time I just order a small steak or something that is safe with meat and veggies. If I am craving a burger, I ask for the burger with no bun and extra lettuce and eat it that way. :)

My toughest battle has been the milk and cheese, since I drank milk everyday all the time prior.

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