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Glutened :(



Yesterday I was glutened..and it was probably fault. I went to Steak and Shake with my fiance. We were going to go to a steak restaurant, but it was very busy (being a saturday night). We ended up choosing S & S.


I, first asked the waitress about the chili....which I should have known not to eat it...I had a bad feeling. But, I thought I would try it, since I have eaten chili at other places before. I ordered a steak burger with no bun or cheese, and some french fries. I forgot to ask about the french fries being fried in the same fryer as other foods :(


All in all, this was a bad decision on my part....and I paid for it later on (45 minutes later)


So, tonight, Sunday we ended up going out to eat again....However, I was at home and was able to search online for restaurants with gluten-free menus. Cheeseburger In Paradise has a full gluten-free menu. And the sweet potatoe chips were amazing.


Now, Chris and I are thinking about getting a fryer after we are married to make these chips, instead of buying them, and we would know all that is made out of there would be gluten-free. Wonderful!


I had a great weekend, other than the minor mishap.

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I'm glad you had a good time this weekend!
I also got glutened. I think it was yesterday, but it was my own fault. I didn't know what went in the food and ate it, assuming that it was gluten-free. I have paid with a constant headache that has continued overnight. When I go to bed with a headache I usually wake up without one, but not this time.
Anyway, have a good week!

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