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Addicted To Reading



Wednesday I started a book I am borrowing from the library. It's called "Sundays at Tiffany's" By: James Patterson

(He is an amazing writer) Anyways, I started the book Wednesday morning about 10:00. I took a break around 12:00, showered and went to work. As I was at work and in between giving treatments to the athletes, I read a total of 2 more hours. I was done in 4 hours.....what a great book!


It's about a young girl that has a mom that is always working, she has an imaginary friend that looks after her (he is 35 y.o). She turns 9, and he has to leave her and move onto another child. Later on in her adult life, she "sees" him and they start talking again....he ends up "becoming human". It's takes some imagination to get into the book, but that is my favorite part...getting emersed into books....to the point where someone could talk to me and I don't know what they are saying.


I can't wait to get another book, since I am on Christmas break from Grad. School.


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No he is not. However, he writes the way that someone falls into the book..not knowing what time it is, or anything around them. The only problem is that most of his books are detective murder mystery types. "Sundays at Tiffany's" is a rare type of book for him. I would suggest this book, but maybe not the others if you are looking for a Christian author.

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