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What Could Be Causing My Health Issues?



I have had irregular movements since As long as I can remember. Stressful situations caused loose stool and any other time they would be stuck. I did not realize how screwed up they were until I went gluten free when I was 17. I went gluten free for 3 months and it was the most regular I had ever been.

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Fast forward to this year I just turned 20. I had bloody bowel movements from july till December with no associated pain. I decided to go gluten free again. They stop being bloody within one week. I made an appt to see a GI doctor in november but they couldn't see me till now. So I go in and she says she wants to do a colonoscopy since we have a lot of polyps and colon cancer in my family. So I have scheduled one and I read that if you change your diet it can mess with the results. So three days ago I started eating gluten again to keep from getting inaccurate results. The first day after eating gluten I felt like I was dying with hot sweats, abdominal cramping, loose stool, nausea and fatigue. Yesterday I had a sandwich and thought I was going to vomit and had a super bad migrane and then I had blood in my stool again. I told my mother (who is a nurse) all of this and she still does not see the correlation. The doctor doesn't think that it is enough proof to do an endoscopy to see if I have celiacs... I got my blood taken and tested again today and wont know the results for a week. However it may be a false negative since i have only been eating gluten for two days. Am I crazy for making the association between my GI issues and gluten/wheat?


Also my dad has had bowel issues forever an they just said he has IBS and when he drink beer with wheat he has an allergic reaction (gets itchy and bloated).


I have been blood tested for celiacs once when I was 17 and first noticed the correlation, however I was gluten free at the time and they came back normal. I am also borderline anemic 0.1 point away from being considered anemic and have been since I was 8.


I have plans to see a naturopathic doctor after my colonoscopy and hope to get the Cyrex testing done to see if maybe it is some gluten or wheat antibody they aren't testing for at the GI doctor. I also really like the taste of gluten so I dont want to stay gluten free forever unless I know for sure it is what is causing it and not a reaction to something else that gets cut out while cutting out gluten. I dont eat cheese or milk either, im not allergic I just dont like what it does to me.


So my question is if anyone has any ideas what could be causing these symptoms or if anyone has had similar ones. If so what did you do to figure it out? Im really tired of feeling like s$#& and not having any of the doctors believe me. Any advice is greatly appreciated!



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This is the blog section - sort of an on-line diary. And you are welcome to post here but.... If you want to ask questions and get members to answer, you might want to post over in the forum.

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Sounds like you have already solved your question. You've got a history of IBS which is something that flares up when it wants to (usually stress is it's trigger), you've got yourself scheduled for a colonoscopy, which will show doctors if you have polyps or colon cancer. That should clear up those questionable issues. You'll know if you have them after that. When you were off gluten, you had less bloody stools, more regular movements and felt better I'm assuming. There is a clear exercise that you conducted that got you good results, you got off the gluten. IBS can sometimes seem like Celiac Disease, then add food allergies on top of that and polyps and you've got enough problems to confuse you. Hopefully you don't have polyps, or colon cancer. The IBS sounds pretty sure to me. There are foods to avoid for IBS, some foods affect others more or less. Depends on the person.

As for the Celiac blood test, I don't believe the results of a regular blood test, if that's what you had done.

A Celiac Panel, is a DNA test, it's around $200 and they take a lot of blood. It's worth it to know for sure, without a doubt if you have Celiac Disease. I have take two of the Celiac Panels. One natural path didn't believe the test results, so she ordered another panel. Turned out just the same, on a gluten free or non gluten free diet, my results were the same. Ask your doctor specifically for a Celiac Panel. Your DNA can't change over night. ;)

Probably a basic diet of steamed vegetables, rice, potatos, whole fruits, simple meats (nothing marinated or spiced or smoked) steak, pork chops, frozen salmon or cod filets. Get a Certified Gluten free daily vitamin, it took me several brands to find something my body liked but as long as the bottle is certified I would finish the bottle off before ordering something new.

Hopefully this helps, took me years to go through what I just posted for you, so lol maybe it won't take you so long to discover something that works. ;)

Take care!

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When most people and doctors refer to a " Celiac panel" they are talking about the Celiac antibody tests. the DNA test is usually separate in the USA. Just having a gene for Celiac does not mean you have Celiac as about 30% of the population have the gene but only about 1% have Celiac. Like I said before, ask your questions in the forum - more people will see them and answer.

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Thank you both very much for your answers! I plan on posting this to the forum, once I figure out how to use it!

Im also going to have the naturopath run a celiac panel as it would give at least my family proof so they stop bugging me(:

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