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November Update

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Bit late on this one, been busy with stuff and coming to terms with issues.
First I have been dealing with and living with a almost daily Diarrhea and vomiting issue since my gluten exposure in July and again in August made it much worse. It started to clear up when I started taking more digestive enzymes (I was taking them daily anyway) So I did a bit of health hacking, I stopped digestive enzymes for a day...vomiting every time I tried to eat anything and very oily D.
I have since been trying 4-8 times the dose finding improved digestion, less vomiting, and more solid stools to a extent. I did some research and made a self diagnosis from this and some other issues. My pancreas seems to not work at all, this explains my extreme glucose spikes if I try to eat any carbs or sugars (2 forks of hash browns for 400+ on a glucose monitor) and explains the digestion woes. I have been taking pancreatic enzymes for years....sort of hid the issues of it slowly bogging down and getting worse. Now I am assume this is ataxia related and the damage is either from spinal nerve or brain damage. There are some cases of ataxia induced by gluten causing brain damage that interferes with other organs in the body. There is no pain, nor has there been pain in the past 4 years that corresponds to pancreatitis.
Good side of this, I have been trying to body build for years but could never put on weight, with my increased enzyme intake and resistance training for the first time in years I am putting on  muscle mass, up 3lbs in the past 2 weeks. I am seeing defined muscle gains very quickly.

Next I am seeing about changing enzymes, most enzymes are really messed up with large amounts of Amylase and protease but VERY lacking in Lipase which I need on my keto diet. I found some keto enzymes but they are 3 times the cost of my current ones.

Other life issues, not getting any sales for this holiday seasoning, but I have developed several new recipes. I made a improved cake recipe with a almond flour base, I found using a few tsp of tapioca starch REALLY gives it a nice texture and I am doing it sugar free with Serve. I took grandma old Amoretti Cookie recipe and modified it to make strawberry almond cookies sugar free, coated in cocoa blend and made a new cookie I call Dragon Egg Cookies which are great.

I might have to move soon, seems my place my be bought out soon. Issue is having to use almost all the money to create a new place....I am thinking either a metal building and then framing a living area inside so I can have my area, a commissionary for cooking, and a place to park the food truck. I am also debating doing a shipping container house with a metal building built on for the same purpose...I have layout and everything already picked out....pricing becomes a issues and if I can afford it after this place sells.



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