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Breaking Teeth



Welp.....with me it is one thing after another and my body....I was scraping my teeth on a almond and coconut Popsicle and one of the front incisors got hung and snapped in half.  Dentist is closed I made a cap over the part still in my gums with this tooth repair stuff and put the other half in a glass of water after rinsing it off well and have it in the fridge. WTF can lead to this kind of BS?



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Ugh!  I am so sorry!  I just cracked a tooth (vertical) on either a macadamia nut or mint chip ice cream.   I hope the crown does the trick or the tooth is lost.  I did the same years ago with a raw carrot.   No hard stuff for me!

 I hope you can get it fixed or at least protect it for a while.  

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I heard you should put broken teeth in whole milk and then in the fridge.  

I cracked off a corner of my back molar recently.  It doesn't show, but I can empathize.  A celiac relative cracked off both of her front teeth.  

My Asperger sense of humor says it's time to go shopping for a grill! 

Maybe adding a calcium supplement to balance out the magnesium will help.  The body leeches calcium out of teeth and bones when it needs more.  

Egads, that makes my stomach hurt!  Where's your fund me page?



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I was braking teeth in my 20's too!

Be sure to share this link with your dentist they will never believe you it is not poor oral hygeine on your part.


Ennis_Tx look into trialing some K2 dots.

Vitamin D gets all the press in/with bone density but Vitamin K could be just as important IF I only knew these things 20 years ago.

Here is two good articles about K2 for dental caries/IE cavities.



With the issue with your pancreas you have probably had trouble absorbing your Vitamin K.

I hope this is helpful but it is not medical advice.



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Yep I eat powdered greens every meal (dehydrate collards, spinach, morenga etc, grind into powder and reconstitute into a bowl of easy to digest veggie broth/paste) for my vitamin K been doing that for years to help with internal bleeding I had with UC.
I will show this to my dentist for further referance

Well the dentist is doing a special procedure, he pulled UP the tooth so he would have more room to work with, then had to SUTURE it in place to the teeth beside it while it stabilizes to the new position. IE I have 12 sutures through my gums right now......dear lord I wish I could afford and take pain killers, been mouth washing with benzocaine and medicated mouthwash. He has me on antibiotics again.....which have me flushing my guts 12 times a day. Amusingly I can not afford the RX so I ordered some stuff for the fish aquariums from Thomas Labs on Amazon...same Amoxicillin...tested gluten-free in a nima

Few more weeks, re suture...then repeat in about a month I should be able to get it crowned.

SO I am blending everything....I am even having to water down and partial cook my omelettes into a custard and not let it set up...turned my bread into bread pudding with a potato masher (well at least it has a use now) and on nut meal porridge and blended meals .....I can not chew without touching the sutures with my teeth.

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