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Does Anyone Have Celiac And A Wheat Allergy?

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I am 28 years old and recently had an allergy test at my immunologist and tested positive for a wheat allergy, which has been life changing once I removed it. She referred me to a gastro pursuing celiac (I tested positive on the celiac gene test and am also IGA deficient). Waiting for biopsy, but in the meantime, I am curious if anyone here has an allergy to wheat and celiac disease? I've tried looking up if it was possible to have both wheat allergy and celiac, I assume it is, but all I can find is explanations of the differences between them. 



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Hello! Myself and my three children have celiac and wheat allergy. Lucky you found a doctor that could recognize the overlap! There are good and bad things about having them both, and each of the individuals in my family has differing reactions to exposure. Getting organized with Allergy Action plans has proven invaluable in communicating our needs to others. Good luck getting your diagnosis sorted.

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