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I was always really skinny as a kid. In the 5th grade I was 55 pounds. As a senior, I was 100. I saw nutritionists to try to get me to gain weight. They talked about putting me on growth hormones at one point, but I grew enough that they didn't. I'm lactose intolerant. I have eczema. I've been dealing with depression for decades. I've been on more than a dozen different antidepressants. None of them seem to help much. I've always been really gassy. I went to the doctor recently for a physical and told him how I think I feel like I'd imagine an old person feels. I get tired just from walking up the steps at home. He ran a bunch of blood checks. My testosterone level and vitamin D are low and my liver alt is more than double what it should be. Does this seem like it could be celiac disease?

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