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Please Help With Lab Results

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My doctor says yes to celiac...but here are my results...i'm confused.


Summary interpertation:

Resulsts do not exclude a diagnosis of celiac disease.

Serological markers for celiac disease not detected.

Celiac disease unlikely if patient is on a gluten-containing diet and is IgA sufficient; does not preclude development of the disease in the future

AGA IgG....3.3 U/ml

AGA IgA....0.6 U/ml

TTG IgA....1.0 U/ml

EMA IgA....Negative

Total IgA....207 mg/dl

Alleles Detected: DQ2 heterodimer (HLA DQA1*0201/DQB1*02)

Catagory # DQ Genotype Increased Risk Over General Population: Relative risk:

2 DQ2/other low risk gene <1X Low

Any thoughts? It seems like this test says no to celiac...

But I have had

complete hair loss


joint disease (I've lost all the bone in my knees and some in my spine, shoulders and wrists

stomach pains

random skin rashes

odd iron levels

High inflammation labs

high wbc (for years)

I've seen multiple doctors and noone sees any of these things other than oddities. But this one Dr. says celiac, but it looks like the labs say no celiac.

Sorry this is so long, but I'd just like to 'know'!



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