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Allergy Or Celiac? Blood Test Or Biopsy?

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in july 2009 i had the E95 basic and extensive food panel blood test done. the test stated that i was significantly allergic (although just barely) to gliadin, gluten, rye, wheat, spelt, and tricticale. and moderately allergice to malt. however i was not allergic to barley.

first of all, how is that possible? everything i've read about gluten-free diets says that barley has gluten in it.

second, if i am allergic to gluten what are the chances that i have celiac disease? i have two friends with celiac and one with a gluten intolerance (although i'm pretty sure she has the disease). i am still not sure what the difference is between the two. i've been told an allergy is not an autoimmune thing like celiac. but then what is it? i've looked but can't find answers to all my questions.

third, is it worth getting a biopsy to find out for sure?

i am also allergic to other things such as eggs, which is the worst so it is the one i pay most attention to. i know i do consume some gluten unintentionally. i am careful, but i'm not super strict either. i guess what i'm asking is should i be?

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