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Blood Test Results

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Hi All,

Would love some help understanding my reults. I am scheduled for a consult with a gastroentologist on Feb 8 and procedures to be on Feb. 9 for biopsya nd possible colonoscopy.

Tests were sent to Santa Monica, CA--Specialty Labs

RETICULIN IGA ABS 1:10 A Range: <1:10

ENDOMYSIAL IGA AB >+1:160 A Range: <1:10

GLIADIN IGG AB 12.6 H Range: 0.0-9.9

GLIADIN IGA AB 5.9 H Range 0.0-4.9

At time of these tests I had already started eliminating wheat for 3 weeks but not necessarily elimnating gluten.

Currently I am having fever/flushes several days a week. i am intolerant now to dairy, eggs, and possibly soy but have not been tested.

My Blood Serum level for Ferritin is 5--very low.

I was misdiagnosed as Chronic Fatigue about 10 years ago. I suffered from migraines since puberty. I have not had a severe headache since December, now.

I am not eating gluten worried about biopsy results--but I was feeling so ill.


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The endomysium antibody test looks high to me, and if it is, it is ver very specific for celiac.

The others are positive too.

I was 7 months off gluten and one day I woke up and was not so awfully fatigued anymore. I was only fatigued for a year before trying gluten free.

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