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I am 46. Last summer, I came down with Mono. I had that for 3 months. It was horrible. Then towards the end of September, I started waking up in t he wee hours feeling cold. Going into October, I started to experience a slew of GERD-like GI symptoms including acid coming up, burned up esophagus, loss of appetite, constipation, etc. There was also a rash on my left elbow. My esophagus felt like someone had their hand wrapped around my throat.

This has continued to progress to where I lost 25 pounds, I have a terrible excema like rash all over the left side of my body that itches all the time. I constantly feel cold with a normal room temperature, especially my hands and feet. I'm fatigued easily. My esophagus is still screwed up. I have had numerous blood tests. Ones that have come back abnormal are: 1) alpha phosphitase in July, 2) the same in December. 3) Then a parathyroid test in January. 4) And now a growth hormone test in February, along with low Vitamin D.

I just took the Celiac panel and it supposedly came back normal. I tried gluten free for about two weeks and I felt better for about two days, then I regressed, so I gave up after the supposedly normal Celiac panel. Starting from October, I've seen a urologist, two different GI specialists, and now I'm seeing an endocrinologist, who says I don't have celiac and is pursuing the growth hormone thing, saying he thinks I have acromegaly. I think he's clueless like the other doctors. Does any of this ring a bell with anyone?

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