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  1. They have ruled out chrones and other problems with the virtual colonoscopy. Because it was a ct scanner that did the colonoscopy they could see all of my small intestine too and said there was no damage there either the only thing that they found was inflammation which they have put down to food...
  2. I have the same reaction with or without the sauce. I don’t know about the lab panel but it was a flexi cam that was used to look at my large intestine and they took skin samples. Everything came back clear from the biopsies including coeliac but they said it was still inflamed like it was irritated. ...
  3. I have severe pain when I have pasta but not when I have bread. I have been tested for celiac disease numerous times as I have another auto immune disease and have had about 5 negative results over 4 years. Every doctor I get referred to does the celiac test before they consider trying anything else...