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  1. Hello everyone! This is my first post so please bear with me. To give a little background I am trying to figure out whether or not my Celiac Disease recovery seems abnormal and looking to see if anyone might have any insight. I originally went to the Dr. over the summer for sporadic stomach pain and feeling hungry even when I ate. It was always the worst in the morning, I would wake up some days with 3/10 pain. After seeing the Dr. I was referred to a GI who wished to conduct an EGD and colonoscopy. Colonoscopy had no results but EGD showed the signs of celiac and a biopsy later confirmed it. I also had three duodenal ulcers and GERD as well. Sit down with GI and he explains everything, I get medications for the ulcers and GERD and immediately go on a gluten-free diet. The confusing aspect of this all was that I never really had that severe of symptoms, I would have the stomach pain maybe one or twice a week and it was not incredibly painful or debilitating. But after going gluten-free I had no symptoms for around a month and then with no change whatsoever have been experiencing severe stomach pain day in day out for two months straight. I immediately cut out dairy and processed foods as soon as it started to try and help but it has done nothing. When I wake up in the morning I sometimes regurgitate stomach acid. But overall I just have much much worse pain than I had before I went gluten-free. I went back to the GI and he confirmed that I have Celiac but had little to no answers for me other than to prescribe me Reglan and tell me not to eat right before sleeping. I have done this and tried to eliminate different food groups to see if one or the other is giving me issues and nothing has changed. I just can't believe that after removing gluten my issues have gotten about 10x worse. I know healing takes a while, but for me to keep getting worse is concerning. I am open to any and all advice, especially suggestions of what I could discuss with the GI. He just keeps telling me I have a severe case of Celiac but really ignores me when I try to seek out other reasons for my issues. Thank you, everyone! TL;DR- Original pain wasn't that bad, went gluten-free and it has gotten much worse. Am for sure Celiac and have cut out dairy.
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