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  1. Hi everybody! I took a wheat allergy test and it was negative, and I stopped eating gluten, but I was feeling more and more tired, I couldn't even go to work. I went to a generalist doctor and he asked for a specific blood test, and it turns out I got mononucleosis, a virical infection, so this rash has to do with the virical infection. Many thanks to everybody that has answered. Aida.
  2. Thank you so much for your answer! She told me to stop eating gluten inmediatly and talk to her next week... maybe she will give me some kind of cream for the rash and ask me to eat gluten again, not sure. In fact I couldn't speak to her, I talked to her through her secretary, so not sure what will she want to me to do. She did some blood tests together with the genetic test, and the blood test (anti gliandina and something more) came back negative, like very negative. So she said that the bipopsy will help us to see if its celiac or not. I will keep you updated, thank you so much for all your answers.
  3. Dear Posterboy, Thank you for your answer. The link is really interesting! I tried to find information on my own but I just got the basic Wikipedia page, this article is very good, thank you so much!
  4. Yes, I'm in sunny Barcelona! Let's see what she says... Yesterday I didn't eat any gluten for dinner, nor today for breakfast or lunch and the rash is getting better. But I also started swimming in a local club, maybe it's some allergy to the heavy chemicals they put in the water so it stays clean... anyway, I will keep you updated, thank you very much for answering!
  5. Hi Cyclinglady! Thank you SO much for your answer, you are very kind! So you think it could be DH? I finally called my doctor because the rash was getting bigger and more itchy, and she told me to stop eating gluten, and that she will see me some time next week, and tell me how to proceed, because the biopsy is scheduled for April. Regarding other allergies, I have a lot of them. If they were tickets to a lottery I would sure have won haha. They started around the same time as my intestinal problems, and I was also diagnosed with asthma at that time. My Immunoglobulines A, G and E are super high. My doctor made me take a stool test, and I got negative result for candida, and something that would have indicated colitis. I also had a weak positive for giardia lamblia. Anyway, thank you so much for your answer, really, I am very new to the celiac world and I get easily stressed and desmotivated.
  6. After eating macarroni I got red rash around the pimple
  7. Hello everybody, and thanks in advance for your help!! I have been having all the celiac symptoms, but 10 years ago my doctor asked for a blood test, and as it came out "indefinite" (not positive, not negative) she told me I wasn't celiac. For 10 years I have been having a big variety of symptoms (severe lack of vitamin D and Iron, extreme bloating, pain, diharrea, liquen schlerosus, etc) until lately I went back to a different doctor. She asked for a genetic test, and it came back DQ2.2 positive. Now she told me to eat as much gluten as I can for a month, and then she will perform a biopsy. The thing is, since I have started eating a lot of gluten (I eat bread every day) I got some strange looking pimples, that itch a lot, and end up bleeding. I had no idea it could be related to the celiac disease until I stared reading this forum. Please find a picture attached, and if someone was so kind to tell me if it looks like dermatitis herpetiformis I would be super grateful, as I am very confused. I have one pimple like this on my stomach, another one on my leg and another one on my arm. In summer I always get dyshidrotic dermatitis on my fingers, but this one looks different. Please excuse my English as it is not my first language. Thank you for your help in advance.
  8. Hi! I have EXACTLY THE SAME. I have been having it on and off for 10 years. It itches so much, and sometimes it ends up with my skin falling off and leaving "blood patches". The mere touch of the underwear its unbereable. When it happens, I have to wear post-pregnancy pads, because they are made of gentle cotton. I have been tested for a thousand things, and any of them came back positive. Finally, a dermathologist diagnosed me with Liquen Schlerosus. Gave me corticoids, and I got a very painful Bartholinitis from that medication, I had to go though a small intervention to clear it up. I didn't have any clue until today that this might be related to celiac disease. Last month I got the genetic test, and I am DQ2.2 positive. I am going to have a biopsy next month. The only thing that works for me is a cream called "Blastoestimulina". I live in Barcelona, so I am not sure you can buy it everywhere in the world, but if you can get it it works miracles. I hope we all get better!
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