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  1. I love the idea of using disposable surface covers, thanks Repeat blood test in a few hours — I have my fingers crossed that it comes out negative and I can cancel the endoscopy!
  2. I'm in the UK — not sure whether coeliac disease is covered by the Equality Act but I'm sure my college will be willing to do whatever's needed. I already have first dibs on room choice because of my ASD, and because of that have elected to stay in the same room next year as familiarity reduces my anxiety. Almost no students in the UK share rooms 😆 It always seems bizarre to me in American films/TV that university students have to share a bedroom, when you're such a rich country! I was like, "Tony Soprano's daughter has a shared room?!" But there are five of us on my corridor sharing the same kitchen, which isn't great. Good tips on the oven; thank you!
  3. Thanks! I guess maybe I could ask my corridor to only put glutenless stuff on the top shelf…? I can't guarantee someone wouldn't "borrow" my butter or whatever and leave gluteny crumbs in it 😐 God, I really hope the biopsy comes back negative.
  4. There's no room for a second microwave/fridge/freezer… the other stuff, I guess I'd have to keep in my room if I couldn't trust people. And I wouldn't be able to use the oven?
  5. Thing is, though, if I end up with a coeliac diagnosis, I have no idea how I'm going to manage to avoid cross-contamination… I'm in university accommodation with a shared kitchen 😖
  6. It's not denial until I know it's true… 😆😆😆 Yes, trying to think of all my favourite gluteny foods… I've got six weeks of freedom left.
  7. Just got my appointment for the gastroenterology clinic. Argh. It's like this is a real thing or something!
  8. Ugh. It seems that when there's a positive result on the tTG-IgA, they just automatically go on to do an EMA test (which I just read online uses monkey oesophagus?!), but it takes longer to come back because it's not automated. It's just appeared on my GP app and apparently it's abnormal. So unless they've used somebody else's blood by mistake, that's not leaving me much wiggle room for optimism 😣
  9. I looked on your profile and the FB page you linked there and couldn't find a blog link…
  10. Labs do make mistakes sometimes, and often mistakes cause extreme results rather than slightly wrong results… I'm keeping that possibility in mind until I get the repeat test done 😁 It would be the only good outcome, really, because otherwise it's probably either coeliac disease, which probably means an even more annoying diet than I have already, or it's something worse. Went in Starbucks yesterday and looked to see what they had, because I'd heard someone say they were okay for gluten-free stuff. If it turns out I'm coeliac, there are literally two things in the whole place I can eat: crisps, and gluten-free porridge. And even that's only if I'm okay with oats. Anything sugary is out, because of the diabetes, so no gluten-free cakes, biscuits, etc., and the only gluten-free sandwiches they had were ones with cheese in them, which is contraindicated when you take an MAOI 🙄 Most gluten-free breads and things turn out to be quite high in sugar, too. And one of the few sweet treats I have is sugar-free biscuits, which of course are full of gluten. And gluten-free biscuits are full of sugar. Bloody glad I'm not lactose intolerant, or allergic to anything, or a vegan 😂 So many coeliacs seem to have a whole laundry list of things they can't eat 😣 My partner has been experimenting, though, and has produced a lemon cake made with erythritol and gluten-free flour which was delicious, so at least we know that if I'm diagnosed with coeliac disease, he can make things like that (though he'd be careful about minor ingredients and contamination, which he didn't bother about this time as it was a proof-of-concept thing).
  11. I checked my blood test results and it does actually say >128, so it must be out of the range of measurement. Which a couple of people have suggested to me might mean it's more likely to be an erroneous result…
  12. Wow, what a bloody saga! I'm sorry it took so long and so much pressure from you to get the medical help you needed. Thank you for telling me your story. I actually *do* have mental issues, which might not help matters 😂
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