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  1. Hello! I was just diagnosed with Celiac about 6 weeks ago (I'm 50). Feeling a tad overwhelmed. I think I have a grasp on it, and then I realize I really don't have a clue! (Example: My husband and I were in Florida a week ago and I broke out in a rash. Long story short, I realized sunscreen has gluten! ugh...). What is so frustrating/confusing to me is finding real accurate information about miscellaneous products that may/may not contain gluten. Make up? Moisturizers? I downloaded a gluten-free app to scan products, but so far, most things I scan come up "product bar code not known". I use Oil of Olay facial moisturizer and I can't seem to find a definitive answer on whether it's gluten-free??? Is there an app or a website out there that is current and accurate? So many times when I google something, I get articles from at least ten years ago. Did I mention I'm feeling overwhelmed??? ANY information would be SO appreciated!!!! Thanks! Joanne
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