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  1. Hi All:) I just joined this forum, and you are the group of people who have the knowledge and first hand experience I need to tap into. MY STORY: I landed in the hospital several years ago with what they diagnosed as gastritis. After being so sick, I vowed to eat healthy and focused on fruits and vegetables. This led me to the realization that I got sick whenever I ate anything that had gluten in it. I was in denial for years, but by eliminating and then reintroducing gluten, I have stumbled upon the fact that I can't have the foods I used to love so much. I stick to a gluten free diet, not knowing if I am gluten intolerant or celiac. My DNA test indicates I have a "slightly "increased risk for developing celiac, Question: Is there a way to determine if I actually have celiac disease (since I have been gluten free for years)? I am having a bad episode as I write this- seems to happen whenever I eat out (even if they say it is gluten free). I owe it to my daughters to find out for sure. Thanks for reading...I appreciate it! Renee
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