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  1. Thank u all for the Response! I will check with my doctor in a few weeks 😊 All this info is so new to me, so thank u for all the info❤
  2. Thanks for your reply 😊 I guess I should be more specific lol I'm all over the place sometimes. So the upper gi was performed in 2016. The blood work u just picked up today. I have been having horrible tummy issues like constipation, heartburn "gerd" if u will. And just this week my belly has been swollen. I have horrible gas like not burping. But belching. I've always ate bread chips cereal never a problem. But if this could be celiac I dont want it. I will give up all that to not have all this terrible gas and heartburn. Anyways, could Celiac be diagnosed still if my Lipase blood work came out normally.
  3. I recently went to the Gastroenterologist who told me something about possibly having celiac disease something about my upper GI I had in 2016 of there being a small trace of something that could indicate celiac disease. Anyway, he sent me for blood work and everything came back normal, except my glucose was slightly elevated at 103 other than that CMP and CBC was normal and my lipase serum was 54 u/l so could I still have Celiac Disease?
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