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  1. Thank you for the detailed answer- this is really helpful. Do you remember if you had to have any kind of preparation for this procedure?
  2. Has anyone had a small bowel MRI, if so what did it show?
  3. Yes, I have no face rash but welcome any ideas with open arms– thanks all
  4. Hi, I had ridiculous amounts of tests done and they were all coming back normal and eventually the doc said there is nothing wrong. I then read the celiac test can be false negative and by this point I was so fed up I thought I’d cut it out on my own and see if it helped... my symptoms are w...
  5. I’ve given up all gluten now for nearly 2 months and at first I thought i felt better but now I’ve started to feel worse with bloating and constipation and there is a small hives like rash on my abdomen... do you think this is a sign that the diet isn’t agreeing with me? I thought maybe it was d...