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  1. I had In-N-Out Burgers last night and I started having stomach cramps, dizziness and headaches. Has the ever happened to anybody else? I heard that you can get a reaction because they use the same knife to spread the special sauce on the gluten-free burgers as they do for spreading it on the buns...
  2. I had a Upper GI performed and they found no evidence of damage. I guess food allergies are like mental health issues. There are no definitive answers or solutions because we are all so different and its a all just a guessing game?
  3. Thanks have you ever heard of somebody having a reaction to mushrooms? I dont think I have Celiac I have no stomach damage
  4. I do have problems with lactose, ice cream will upset my stomach and excuse the expression but cheese really plugs me up. I dont drink milk I prefer almond milk. Your right about the gluten-free diet I ate some mushrooms and got very sick. I know that mushrooms dont usually effect a person with Gluten...
  5. Thank you sooo much for all of the great advice. I was not even aware of FODMAPs. I have been on a Gluten-Free diet for about a month and it has helped a little but I do still get symptoms. Thanks for the information about the pill cams CYCLINGLADY I was not aware of them either and my sister has...
  6. So I have had the blood and Upper GI biopsy tests for Celiac disease come back as negative but I still have the symptoms. Irregular bowel movements, headaches, dizziness, stomach cramps, depression/anxiety etc. I have been tested multiple times because I have had gastrointestinal issues for many...