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  1. I am highly allergic to both magnesium stearate and cellulose in vitamins and supplements!! My digestive system is dead after any ingestion with those 2 ingredients & i get immediate severe constipation! & That is because they are both corn derived!!!
  2. Me too!! I am highly allergic to sunflower oil... hair loss , severe digestive problems- constipation, bloating, stomach gurgling!! I stay away from all sunflower oil and canola oil, as well as soy... so glad I found an online community where I am not alone in this struggle of food allergies and...
  3. I am also very allergic to magnesium stearate!!! Get extremely constipated anytime I consume vitamins with it which are like 99% on the market... maybe cellulose as well which is derived from pine and spruce trees. I also know I have serious leaky gut problems & histamine intolerance...