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  1. Please share...I am very curious to learn how the data from these tests helped you when beginning on a gluten free diet, how so?
  2. No, I've been wondering whether I should, as from what I understand it doesn't diagnose celiac disease specifically, only that I would have an auto-immune disease? If this is the case, then it would come up positive because I have auto-immune thyroid disease and it would be a waste of my money. If this is specific, I would get it done in a heartbeat, but from my reading, the only test that is specific are the intestinal and dh rash biopsies?
  3. opps, looks like I hit the reply button to my own post
  4. ahhh....missed an important part of the study.... [[[biopsy]]] which means, this is not a blood test. how frustrating that they can obtain an antibody test from your blood for thyroid, but not for intestinal, because it needs to be from the mucosa and not the blood...ahhhh...okay.
  5. I've been looking for a better test than IgE, since that is immediate response, and the one the docs always want to give us. Since celiac disease is autoimmune, that doesn't make sense. What also doesn't make sense to me is having an IgA test done, being it only indicates having an unspecified auto-immune disease. Since I have already been diagnosed having Hashi's, this test would not make sense, as I already know I have an auto-immune disease, so I got to thinking, what test did they give me to determine the thyroid test, specifically? I looked it up, and it was a thyroid antibody test. That led me to wonder why there isn't one for intestinal antibodies....or was there? Googled it, and came up with PubMed article with a study on: Intestinal anti-tissue transglutaminase antibodies in potential coeliac disease. As a result of the data collected in this study, it shows "the measurement of intestinal anti-TG2 antibodies may prove useful in clinical practice to predict evolution towards mucosal atrophy in potential coeliac patients and identify patients with gluten sensitivity." Thoughts, anyone???
  6. How is your thyroid? Might do to have it tested, if you haven't.
  7. Family history above you, below you, and to the side of you as well as genetic on paper for yourself should be diagnosis enough for you to never second-guess yourself in the future...some of us don't have the familial support or resources. If you are serious about wanting to feel better, it's not crazy go gluten free as soon as possible...just know that if you end up having tests performed after giving up gluten, that they may give a false negative because you will no longer have it in your system as you do today. Good luck!
  8. saaa-wheat<3

    Why Am I Not Sick From Eating Gluten?!?!?!

    lol, lol, this made me chuckle...I question everything....not so sure it's encouraging for many here, or for me, for that matter... thank you for your feedback. guess it makes sense I could be in a less reactive stage (aside from my initial post ), they say your body changes every 7 years, and I reacted more in the beginning of the 10, it also makes sense that I've healed some and it would take awhile to be as compromised. I still expect to get ill again at some point, but I wonder if the month Pegleg84 mentions is long enough to warrant a biopsy guess it might not be.
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    attempted with neither blocked, IE 10 though...
  10. ooo.... that rash sounds painful itchy! thank you so very much for the genetic testing info, it's good to know why you like Celiac Specialist over Prometheus. I just popped by the allergist's office today and without being seen, they handed me a sheet for a RAST test. My guess that isn't the test I really want though, because it's IgE and immediate as opposed to the auto-immune tests IgA, IgG and IgM, if I am understanding things properly. The auto-immune tests are what Celiac Specialist and Prometheus test for, right? It is pricey, and I'm not sure if my insurance will cover. If it does, I would have to pay for a good chunk of it anyway, as it gets applied to my deductible, but certainly something to keep thinking about. Thank you for reaching out to me Madagascar and to those of you who are still peeking in on this (namely, Mushroom) I PROMISE not to whine on the boards when I get sick!
  11. I'm not allergic to citric acid, its just what aggravates the acid reflux the most. All it takes is some guacamole with only a few chunks of tomato, and it's quite painful if I don't take meds for it. I know some who get the little blisters inside their mouth, is that what you get? This is why I never did the challenge in the first place. I would love to be able to perform it for only a month as someone else had suggested, but I didn't think it would be long enough. Frustrating that it only takes a small amount to be affected, but it takes so much more for a diagnosis. I don't know why I need a diagnosis after all these years...I guess I think about getting older in a rural area and not having the doctors believe me unless I have a piece of paper. I've lost my faith in doctors, as I've been on thyroid meds for the same 10 years with symptoms it was affecting adversely, and it took me becoming ill and figuring it out on my own that it was the meds. Sounds familiar, as trouble-shooting Celiac is much the same, isn't it? I am lucky I have the NP I have now, but I won't always, and worry what issues I will run into as there are insurance changes in the system. Plus, I work with a new group of people now, and while quite a few are sympathetic, there are those few who I can tell poke me with a stick because they don't understand, don't believe me. As for that, I suppose I shouldn't care so much what other people think, but I do.
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    nope, hitting enter once, doesn't work, nor does hitting enter twice, because I've just tried both
  13. Can't seem for the life of me how to figure out new paragraph on here. I've been using <b> and </b> but cannot seem to get it to work? Can someone please advise how to/what I am doing wrong? Thanks!
  14. I've so missed being here, thanks for the post! Quit my meds just recently, was having compound, as was cheaper, but still had issues even with 50mcg dose of Synthroid...closely monitoring my thyroid, and going to try something called guggul from my local co-op to support my thyroid function instead. Glad you are feeling better, being sick on thyroid meds is awful!