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Corinne D.

Symptoms with other food intolerances

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For those of you who have other food intolerances in addition to gluten: What are your symptoms when you - accidentally or willingly - have one of the foods you're intolerant to? Are they the same symptoms you get when glutened? Do they depend on how much you've had? How long after eating that food do symptoms develop? Is it the same length of time as with gluten?

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Food intolerances can be hard to distinguish from active celiac disease (or a gluten exposure).  

For me, a food intolerance will resolve within a day or so with abdominal pain, diarrhea, body aches, fatigue.   A gluten exposure will last weeks or months.  Digesting anything (even if gluten free) can be painful for a few weeks.  It is why I am forced to consume soups and mushy stews at every meal,    The last time I had a true gluten exposure, I also developed autoimmune hives that covered my entire body for six months, my thyroid antibodies were very elevated as were my DGP IgA antibodies (off the charts).    Vomiting and passing out is common with me when exposed to gluten.  

An intolerance can also trigger my Rosacea.  Within 24 hours my face will redden, itch and break out.  Gluten never has triggered my Rosacea.  

In the beginning, I thought I was getting gluten exposures that were not affecting my gluten-free husband.  Turns out I can not tolerate Xanthan Gum found in most commercially processed gluten-free foods.  Keeping a food journal was very helpful in identifying intolerances.  

Allergies are easier to distinguish. They cause swelling, itching, hives, sneezing, and a drop in blood pressure.   I avoid my known allergens which include animals, grasses, trees, bug bites, and many medications.  Healed from Celiac disease, my IgE allergies are greatly reduced.  Medications are the only things that have caused anaphylactic reactions.  

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