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When A Gluten-Free Diet Just Isn't Enough

Forums in this area offer support and help to those who do not fully recover on a gluten-free diet and seek additional diets or treatments.


  1. Food Intolerance & Leaky Gut

    Many people have cow's milk (casein), soy, egg, corn, or other issues. Share info on alternative diets like vegetarian, vegan, Specific Carbohydrate Diet (SCD), FODMAP Diet, Keto Diet, etc.

  2. Super Sensitive People

    Non-scientific discussions for those who react to lower levels of gluten than most.


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  • Forum Discussions

    It looks to be gluten-free: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Propyl_gallate
    Thanks, Scott! It does look like the ingredients are gluten free. Sometimes food is made in shared equipment with a chance of cross contamination. Im wondering if anyone else has had a reaction to these items.    Take care. 
    Just checked the fridge and found a can of Ghostfish Kick Step, one of my favs. No sorghum, it uses beet sugar.