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  1. I just don’t eat out anymore...ever. Sad but keeps me safe. Nothing is worth the reaction.
  2. I too vomit and pass out and then get hypothermic. This ha only happened 2 hrs after eating out. I’m extremely careful and rarely eat out so my episodes have been 2 yrs a part. I am being told by a celiac doctor, allergist etc that this is not a celiac reaction. I am currently being tested for o...
  3. Two hours after accidentally ingesting gluten, and only after I have eaten out, I start to vomit for hours. It’s like clock work. Then I get hypothermic With bone breaking chills. My temperature dropped to 95. I get so weak I can barely lift my head up to vomit. With this last episode I passed o...
  4. What are they? I’m in Boston frequently. Legal Seafood has, in my experience, done a very good job of training there staff re allergies.
  5. I had terrible knee pain that did not resolve for nine months. Got out of the car one day soon after being glutened and couldn’t walk. No injury. All tests negative for joint injury. Unexplained onset of extreme joint pain led to my initial diagnoses. Blood screening for Lymes, arthritis and t...
  6. I see both sides but this is a serious disease and I was not well for 9 months after my last restaurant glutening. If they says it’s gluten free...gotta be just that. Can’t be sorta gluten free.
  7. So many horrible stories! Not one MD I have spoken to, other than Dr Green and his colleagues at Columbia, get the truly serious repercussions of an accidental gluten exposure. I have a similar story of hospitalization after eating in a restaurant where everyone talked the gluten-free talk. That...
  8. Traveling....we stay at hotels that have microwave and freezer so I can bring prepared foods. We are retired and went as far as to buy an Airstream travel trailer so I never have to eat out of my own kitchen. I bring a sandwich that doesn't need refrigeration (ie. peanut butter and banana) when we...
  9. I just don’t eat food that either my husband or I have prepared. People think I’m crazy but I’m the one who pays the price. Nothing is worth getting glutened....nothing. I travel with my own cooking equipment down to a sponge. I don’t eat out unless the restaurant has a separate prep kitchen. I’m 10...
  10. In my experience.....they know nothing unless gluten-free is printed on the label! Emergency room personal don’t even know what celiac means!
  11. I too have extreme vomiting and went to ER last time I was glutened. BtW... the only time I have vomited in the bast 60 years was during pregnancy and he’s 37 years old. I am not a vomiter. I was put on an IV and monitored for blood pressure etc. I am extremely careful and in the 10 yrs since diagnosis I...
  12. I had extreme chills with vomiting last time I was glutened. It was horrible. I thought my bones would break.
  13. Feels like going from jail to solitary. Purchased a Nima yesterday. Thanks for your reply.
  14. I too had severe chills that went on for Three hours with vomiting. I did go to the ER where they monitored my blood pressure and heart rate. Also gave me an IV to keep me hydrated and a medication to stop vomiting. My reactions are getting worse every time. I am extremely diligent and had dinner...