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  1. Traveling....we stay at hotels that have microwave and freezer so I can bring prepared foods. We are retired and went...
  2. I just don’t eat food that either my husband or I have prepared. People think I’m crazy but I’m the one who pays the p...
  3. In my experience.....they know nothing unless gluten-free is printed on the label! Emergency room personal don’t even k...
  4. I too have extreme vomiting and went to ER last time I was glutened. BtW... the only time I have vomited in the bast...
  5. Patty harrigan

    Severe Chills

    I had extreme chills with vomiting last time I was glutened. It was horrible. I thought my bones would break.
  6. Patty harrigan

    Severe Chills

    Feels like going from jail to solitary. Purchased a Nima yesterday. Thanks for your reply.
  7. Patty harrigan

    Severe Chills

  8. Patty harrigan

    Severe Chills

    I too had severe chills that went on for Three hours with vomiting. I did go to the ER where they monitored my blood...