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  1. DEbNC84- i def feel for you, as i have DH too... i went a long time with continious breakouts and looking sick and feeling sick, but i did more research on dh, and with the help of my sister we found out that milk is a big culprit in adding to dh flares due to the iodine and salt in dairy products. i cut dairy out and it took a few weeks, but i felt better and saw a difference. maybe look more into what you are eating, as we know gluten can hide anywhere... i often find that if i eat chips or any food that has been manufactured with wheat products, i'll get a small dh flare. i do agree that i don't think it could be the coffee filters... i've never had a skin reaction to touching something with gluten, i'm not even sure that would be able to happen? but you'd have to ask your dr about that DH only flares if you ingest gluten. like me, you could have very sensitive skin, so touching certain tissues or napkins with oils on it acn cause a break out or look something like dh. i haven't had a prob with coffee, wine, or tea hope you feel better , i know what you are going through
  2. how do i deactivate/cancel my account once i cancel/deactivate will all my posts be deleted as well?
  3. i'm not too sure where i should have posted this.... finally have been hired for my 1st "real world" job (graduated in may). i was curious if anyone knew if there were personal checks for celiac disease, and where i could get them. my sister had breast cancer ones and some percentage of buying the check (maybe even cashing them too??) went to breast cancer research/awareness. do we have something like that for celiac disease? can we start something? thanks, if anyone has any information
  4. i've been on the diet strict since the middle of june-- i follow the diet very strictly, but glutening seems inevitable-- i ocassionaly eat sushi ( i know that has iodine in it) i dont really have blisters anymoe- my skin will just get red where i used to get blisters. i know it time it will get better, it sometimes just sucks my boyfriend is definately supportive and it never seems to be a prob (unless i bring it up- saying i feel/look crappy today) he's always willing to help, cook, accomodate (i got lucky!) thanks for all your support and comments-- i really appreciate it- it's nice to know that ppl here care, support groups have the "family" feel
  5. i think i just need to vent, and maybe get advice on what to to do... I have DH and have in various spots (ankles,knees, feet, hands, elbows, face) and wish i could conceal it better. i'm already self conscious about it (esp when it flares) i grew up with ezcema and got used to ppl asking questions- but it would clear up and no one would notice or know... but i feel as i have gotten older appearance means a lot more than it did being a kid. I usually look like a raccoon- the skin around my eyes get red, raw, swollen, my upper lip is red, my hands usually look a mess. I hate when ppl ask if I had an outbreak, ate something i wasn't supposed to, i try to wear long sleeves. it makes me feel sick. i was talking to my boyfriend the other night and it came up, and i asked if it bothered him- he said he never noticed it before we started dating, but the first night we hung out it caught him off guard (maybe it was a turn off, or a "what the heck is on her?!") and i asked what about now.. and his reply was "no, not really" i didnt know how to take it-if it bothers me, it must bother him. I know i hate it, i know i'm self conscious about it, and more so when it's worse and during an outbreak, and i feel bad when i go out with him and it's bad.. i geuss i'm still learning how to deal with it but i feel like this DH is permantly on display does anyone else feel like that-- is there any way to help it clear up (i have rx's to put on it, it takes away the red in a couple of days, but then it's super dry and flakey) i am on dapsone, i dont know if i should bring it up again cause this is me and how i'll always be... when i say i look bad, he says i dont, and that he never notices it ( i know he cares for me and accepts me and my celiac disease/DH-- he even cooks gluten-free for me!!) thanks everyone, i think i needed to vent, somtimes the whole thing just gets to me!! i get so frustrated about always thinking about what i have to eat, etc, etc
  6. i eat things that say they were packed in a facility that also processes/manufactures/etc wheat, i used to be a nut about it when i was first dx, but i couldn't live like that- seemed that every gluten-free package was processed in the same facility as wheat, still have to live a little! i think it's inevitable to get glutened, i'm still relatively new, but i'm sure some pros will tell you glutening can still happen... example, my mom told me to eat carrots at dinner, i did, i asked her what was in them (they tasted funny) and she said "oh, read the package" and right there on the list 3 gluten containing ingredients... i do agree with you though, i think companies are putting that on their packages to cover themselves and try to avoid any legal probs. it's really up to you though- my support group has said that the chances are minimum for CC to happen when gluten-free is processed in the same facility
  7. beer made me feel awful too!! before i was diagnosed, i would wake up after a party and think to myself "what the heck happened?!?!?!" my skin was sooo itchy, so inflammed, and red!!! (i have DH), but i have found some pretty good alternatives!! New Grist, Bard's Tale-Dragon Gold, Redbridge. I feel that bard's tale- dragon gold tasted the most like a regular beer, new grist is a little lighter- like an ale almost, and i haven't had redbridge yet. http://www.bardsbeer.com/ i'm from CT, and there aren't any places in ct that seel Bard's tale... the site will tell you which states do and where http://www.newgrist.com/ i've found new grist in wild oats
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