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  1. Happy birthday and may God bless you today!

  2. Ok, I feel better about that. The Lame advertisement thing totally took me off guard. I thought someone was disgruntled about the Lame Advertisement and wanted to mock it somehow. Thanks for informing me of this, I would have never figured that out. Steph
  3. This is great info! I think the avocado idea will be perfect esp. because Ive always loved mexican style food. Thanks a bunch!
  4. this is really disheartening and strange. The post I just posted yesterday (above) has somehow gotten changed. I dont know how this happened, but I wrote about the Lame Advertisement test to test for many food intolerances. I just checked this post and someone somehow changed what I wrote. They switched the Lame Advertisement test and turned it into "THE LAME ADVERTISEMENT TEST". I feel this is a real violation to my words and intentions. And I find it very sad. Steph
  5. Im learning that I have quite a few food intolerances, some I probably dont know about. Ive read about the Lame Advertisement test in a magazine and I want to know if anyone has had it, and if so is it a reliable testing method. Apparantly with the Lame Advertisement test a person gets tested for almost a hundred different foods. Heres the link if your interested in learning more. http://www.Lame Advertisement.com/ Steph
  6. Im getting frustrated because I dont know what to reach for when I open the fridge. I recently reacted badly to a pad of butter on my gluten-free bread, reacted badly to soy (even in small amounts) and Im allergic to eggs. So what does one do if they want to make a tuna salad or chicken salad, what can I use in place of Mayonaise. Also I find breakfast the most challanging meal of the day. Can anyone give some ideas for this. For instance what do you eat on typical days? Also, do you have any tips to make life easier in regards to food. I need help! Steph
  7. Ive been told that a lot of people who are allergic to cows milk dairy can tolerate goats milk products. I have heard so many healing stories from using colostrum and since Im allergic to dairy I thought Id try goats milk colostrum. Any thoughts to this query? BTW I tried goats milk cheese the other night and had no problems. Is it possible to be allergic to cows milk dairy but not goats milk dairy?
  8. Thanks Ursula, Ill check it out. I know kirkman labs is reputable company.
  9. Can anyone recommend a good Multivitamin that is good and free off allergens? Right now I take Pharminex Life pack for women but its so expensive!! Steph
  10. After avoiding all the suspect foods for several months I decided to all back soy to my diet. My Chiropracter keeps telling me how good it is to make smoothies with berries, flax, and soy protein. I bought a packet of soy protein and decided to make it, and MAN, I feel awful. My heart started to race, my head hurt, and I felt depressed, like jumping out of my own skin. Its such an uncomfortable feeling. It like no matter what I wear or how I sit, Im uncomfortable. Has anyone had this kind of reaction to soy? Im not touching it again. Steph
  11. I get really hungry with hypoglycemic episodes that I feel protein controls. If I eat anything too sweet or too high in carbs and not enough protein my blood sugar get erratic. I guess Im gona have to just stick to nuts for the protein. I cant do soy or dairy.
  12. Does anyone know of any gluten and dairy free power bars that are very high in protein. Ive tried all the lara bars and the raw bars but they are too high in sugar and not high enough in protein. Any suggestions? Steph
  13. I need something badly for my anxiety, I just couldnt manage it without something to help me. I started on Paxil 5 weeks ago. Since Ive started it Ive been having a number of side effects such as excessive daytime sleepiness, muscle aches, fatigue, nausea, nervousness, and overall malaise. It has improved my ability to fall asleep though, and that was a big problem for a while. What I wanted to know is, is it normal or expected to feel a little worse before you start to feel better in the beginning? And, how long does it take to reach the full effect on this stuff? Does it vary from person to person? Any imput would be greatly appreaciated. Steph
  14. I have read the same thing about grapefruit, with the medication thing, but I always thought that grapefruit increase the drugs availability in the body and since I just started an SSRI antidepressant I thought that this would get it to kick in sooner. but instead Ive just been feeling really crappy lately. I am going to stay away from it, but I find it so fascinateing how its effects can be so powerful. I wish there were more clear cut info about the power of nutrition.
  15. I know that grapefruit has health benefits so I try to eat it from time to time. But everytime I eat it I notice that I get fatigued and spacey for the rest of the day. I also feel a general malaise. Ive been told by a nutritionist before that this is because grapefruit has detoxifying properties and that this could be a good thing. Does anyone know about this? Steph
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