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  1. Thanks! I love the thought of a small RV! Never thought of that. Sorry about your accident. Sounds awful. Unfortunately any supplements bother my gut. Not sure why but they do. I also have colitis on top of celiac. I am on a med for that and seems to help but can't handle any supplements...
  2. Thanks for the tips! I have been dairy free for years but I do have a sweet tooth. I have been eating gluten free oats for a long time. Is it possible that would bother my gut? Also any vitamin supplements go right through me for some reason. I also have some colitis so maybe that's why.
  3. Hi! I have had symptoms for many years but recently diagnosed celiac. I have had problems for years with "traffic anxiety" do to tummy issues. Being stuck in a car not knowing where the nearest bathroom is makes my heart race which affects my stomach too. I am learning more about the...