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  1. Reading everyone's posts I tried to think how I feel. To me eating bread is equivalent to sticking my hand in the fire, I have learned from trying it again after a few months of none that the reaction is sudden, violent and I feel ill for several days afterwards. So it isn't a lifestyle choice more a necessary one, if I tuned up at the Drs' daily with a burned hand eventually they would section me, so to keep eating gluten is just as irresponsible. I am still doscovering what I can and can't eat, for instance a taste of someone's sponge cake makes me visit the loo several times the next day, but if it's their Birthday cake I may take the risk! A bread roll will make me sufficiently ill that I can't ever see me eating one in my lifetime. No-one willingly makes themselves violently ill so I think it's a forced decision not a choice in the end...
  2. Thank you for posting about dapsone and DH, I am reasonably certain I have this skin problem as for the last few years I have had identical symptoms to the photographs found elsewhere on the site. I have the lesions on both arms, shoulders, and now it has spread to my legs. They start as itchy red places, drive me insane with burning heat and itching, then progress to reddened thicker scaley lumps that take months to go leaving a dark red scar. Several just won't heal ever. Lately they have increased despite my sticking to a glute free diet, I am mostly avoiding wheat and I supect the odd bit of gluten I get is the culprit. If anything being more careful has increased the skin problem! I have an appointment to go back to the skin specialist who several years ago dismissed them as "itchy lumps" and was going to ask about dapsone. I am torn between being fed up with the skin problems but scared I will feel ill if ask for it. I would appreciate you keeping me informed via here if you have any improvement or problems. good luck, I hope it helps you.
  3. [i agree it takes time for your gut to settle down, I am now several months on from eliminating gluten and it has obviously healed a little, because now I can "test" foods to see if I can tolerate them, and some I can, some I definitely can't. Any form of bread is a total no no apart from gluten free, it provokes an instant (30 min) reaction of strong stomach cramps followed by numerous swift visits to the bathroom.. Yet I can eat a piece of victoria sponge and only ge mild cramps the following day! Three weeks isn't long enough for everything to get out of your system and if you are new to eating this way, you may still be making mistakes as I did. The most innocuous foods have gluten or the proteins of oats etc in them, and so scrutinise your diet very carefully. I would say at least two months before you suddenly think, "Gosh, I feel better today!" so hang in there.. (oh and I am 57 and have eaten wheat all my life until last year, I reckon our bodies get to a point where they just can't cope with what to them is poison and let us know no matter how old we are!)
  4. I hope this works, the screen has shown your post too! Firstly I am glad you have a firm diagnosis, I too endured (!) the camera up my nether regions but mine showed I was in excellent shape, something I wasn't expecting after the symptoms. I think if I were you I would still stay clear of gluten for a few months, it obviously doesn't agree with your body or it wouldn't make such strenuous efforts to get rid of it quickly. I know since changing my diet my toilet habits have stabilised and the bloated sort of exhausted feelings have lessened. I would also try aloe vera tablets, I take two large ones per day, and I swear they soothe any inflammation. I hope you get some relief soon, do ome back and tell us what happens won't you?
  5. Quick update, well after a few months on a gluten free diet and weekly acupuncture I would like to report all my symptoms have vanished. I have normal toilet habits (yay) and only get stomach cramps when I cheat and eat things I shouldn't. It has got easier to eat the diet, I eat more cheese than previously and actually enjoy the true free crackers instead of bread, I only eat gluten free bread once a week when I have toasted slices of a half baguette on Sunday's with real coffee and the papers.. I think my insides must be healing but I am reluctant to stray for a few months at least, I also swear by taking a big aloe vera tablet twice a day and have found if I get twinges a tablet removes the pain. My Dr has given me buscopan and I am only rarely using them, I have also discovered various tea shops and cafes that make gluten free or coconut cake or biscuits and that too has made me feel less "different" if I go shopping with friends. I have also had a go at making pancakes and apple crumble with wheat free flour from tesco, and they taste fine! To anyone searching for advice as I did, I now know I may not ever be able to eat bread again, but the craving has lessened as the weeks have gone on. Feeling so much healthier is worth abandoning bread... Do try it, if you got to the desperate stage like me you will try anything in the end.
  6. Mine seemed to suddenly become much worse after we bought a home bread maker. My symptoms which I had lived with for years became ten times worse and I deteriorated from then on. It had only become obvious what was wrong with me since I gave up all gluten products as the Dr advised as a trial. I am very much still finding my way through this and one of the things that really makes me angry is that no-one even the skin specialist realised my lumps on my arms and back were a direct result of being celiac. Looking back I was warned by a homepathic Dr 18 years ago that I was intolerant to wheat, but after the moth's diet on stone age food my symptoms disappeared and gradually I slipped back into eating most food. Now I suppose I am stuck with this for life..
  7. Hello everybody, and thank you for the advice I received when I first found the forum! I thought I would update you after my three weeks of gluten free eating (well not free as I am still discovering gluten hides in so many places..) Within three days of stopping gluten the majority of my symptoms disappeared completely. It took a week or so to actually feel more like myself, but no more hurried trips to the bathroom unless I eat the wrong thing. It's been a steep learning curve and I have discovered some foods like bread/pastry/cake/biscuits etc are triggers for my symptoms. I've haunted the supermarkets for substitutes and it was ridiculous how excited I was when I discovered by slicing a Tesco gluten free baguette I could have normal toast again! Not so pleased was discovering how expensive the food is, at £1. 45 for a tiny half baguette I'll be keeping the toast for Sundays.. I've found it hard to eat out. In places like the above supermarket cafe for instance the only single thing they served I could eat was a baked potato.. At home I have changed to more veg and fruit, and the best part is I have lost around a stone in weight over a month, so it has some benefits. Four years ago I ended up at a skin specialist about a rash I developed on my arms and back, the lesions were first red itchy pimples, then they went hard and sort of wart like. The specialist was no help at all, his report said remove them by freezing or operation, and I've learned how to hide them. On looking at pics of celiac sufferers i am 99% convinced they are hepatitis dermiformis? which is a side eefect of celiac disease! I don't suppose they will go once I stop eating gluten for long enough will they? I have around 10 on each arm and six on my back, they aren't obtrusive but I would love my former blemish free skin back... So although the Dr hasn't done any tests it looks pretty conclusive, My blood test originally showed my body was fighting an inflammation somewhere, and my symptoms have disappeared only to recur when I eat something I shouldn't.. Any more advice folks?
  8. Hi everyone, I found this site through a search and hope you can help me. I've been ill on and off getting steadily worse for eight weeks. It started when we bought a home bread maker, the bread was fabulous and immediately I noticed I had much less trouble going to the loo, as before I was often constipated. i didn't eat any commercial bread again until one day I ate a sandwich and within half an hour was crippled with excruiating low down stomach pains and diahorrea, this pattern then happened time and time again over the following week. Thinking I had eaten something bad I fasted on water and acidophilus tablets for a few days, my tummy settled down and I carried on as normal. Over the following weeks I became more and more restricted by frequent visits to the bathroom, sorry about this next bit but what I was producing looked fluffy, or floated and paler coloured. I ended up visitng there up to ten times a day.. Each time I managed to sort myself out and get rid of the problem by immodium but the last week or two I have become really tired and weak, and stopped eating anything much except lucozade and dry biscuits. It's a great diet as I am overweight but obviously I can't live like this! I gave in and went to the Dr, who did blood tests which show somewhere my body is fighting inflammation. They then did an MRI of my liver and gallbladder which showed my one stone still the same size as it was 25 years ago and no abnormalities in the gall bladder, it filled ok etc. I am still struggling with my day to day life. If I eat anything much I get those awful pains plus the runs unless I take immodium.. The Dr has prescribed something called omeprazole whic seems to soothe my stomachenough to eat, but I feel uncomfortable most of the time and not hungry at all. The troble seems to be quite a while after I eat as if the food passing through me is what hurts, once I have been to the loo I feel much better afterwards. The last two weeks the diahorea has been bright yellow and nasty, but now has returned to normal again (for me that is!) I am not keen on having that camera down my throat so the Dr has said try gluten free for a couple of weeks to see if that helps. I feel as if they are stabbing at anything it might be with little success. Do theses symptoms sound like celiac? If so will I ever get back to normal eating or am I stuck with this for life..... many thanks, sorry for the gruesome bits, but they are part of my illness!
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