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  1. I haven't. Up until now I have only had the standard run of the mill celiac blood test that a GP would order. In May I'll be seeing a specialist in gluten ataxia who no doubt will run the complete panel. Is it something you can order online for yourself?
  2. That's good to know. I have my MRI on a celiac disease as it was requested by an ENT consultant to take a look at but again this is someone who isn't looking in regards to gluten ataxia but I can mention it to them and also give it to the gluten ataxia centre I'll be dealing with. I wasn...
  3. I had a brain MRI over a year ago which wasn't specifically looking for signs of gluten ataxia - it was more just for reassurance as I was right at the beginning of my balance problems. I have a further brain MRI planned in May and this is from a centre specific for gluten ataxia so they'll...
  4. When you define your vertigo - would you describe it as a dizziness with the room spinning or balance problems where it feels like the floor is actually moving beneath you?
  5. I thought I would start by mentioning that I am not celiac (negative for several blood tests and negative for biopsy) however I am sensitive to gluten through gastro problems and I am due to see Prof. Marios in Sheffield in May for possible gluten ataxia. I wanted to check my symptoms with people...