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  1. I was sick for eight months, in significant amounts of pain and throwing up around the clock. I could not hold down any food whatsoever. I did the brat diet, and it became worse...
  2. I started eating more rice this week. Fingers crossed I can get this under control. Thank you for your time.
  3. Thank you! I will try Metamucil. Once it's okay to go to the doc, I plan on getting a scope. :)
  4. I have not had one. I went to the GI doctor when I initially became sick and was told it's not my time for one; I am 40. At this time ( with this virus), my doctor's office is pretty...
  5. Last year I became very sick. After being tested, I am now gluten-free for the last four months. I have this ongoing issue of flat stools round on one side flat on the other. I...