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  1. Happy birthday and may God bless you today!

  2. I have been gluten free for months, made it through Thanksgiving ok & this would have been my first Christmas without wheat, but it wasn't. I ate so much wheat yesterday, that I actually woke up today not only with stomach distress but a full fledge cold, can't breathe, sneezing & runny nose that just won't stop. I took cold medicine but it is not helping at all. Has anyone else had this happen? or Is my cold just a coincidence?
  3. I ask my italian restraurant to put it over rice for me, they usually do - just make sure it is plain rice and not pilaf. Traveling and eating in restraurants are difficult. If I have to travel I try to avoid restraurants and will go to the nearest grocery store. Get some fresh fruit and veggies, some cottage cheese and sometimes one of the chicken roasters after I ask what they put on it or gluten-free lunch meat. I know it is not a hot meal but it's gluten-free food. I like the thai rice soup bowls that are gluten-free too. That's hot and hits the spot or a can of chili there are a lot that are gluten-free. Most hotels have a microwave somewhere and usually if you ask they will let you use it. Unless your room already has one. If I have to eat out, I stick with steakhouses or grill places, I try to order everything plain or call ahead to see what they might have that is gluten free. Talk to the head chef about option, just don't call during busy times. Also, see if the restraurant, has half orders, order the full size w/o the bread and pastas etc and see if they would be willing to charges you the half order price. This doesn't always work but it has a few times.
  4. Hi tiredofdoctors, and I don't blame you at all!!! I was diag'd 7 months ago with celiac after years of suffering. I do not have diabetes but it does run in my family, however I do have PCOS and as matter of fact I am recovering from surgery as we speak, another persisent cyst. My obgyn says sugars have a lot to do with PCOS. My doctor recently told me that he believes I am very sensitive to sugars and chemicals and could end up with diabetes. So I recently have switched from soda to seltzer water w/ a splash of orange, lemon, lime or grape juice. Also, dr said to cut back on my rice noodles to 1/2 cup/day, only 1 sugar in my coffee a day. So my diet changed again and I am trying to eat foods with less chemicals and less sugars. Rather than be bummed about it, I have taken a positive approach and now I cook double the meat at dinner 2 ways and eat it one for dinner and the other kind for lunch. Cook 2 veggies with dinner rather than rice noodles or potato. Breakfast is the same everyday, i just love a whole tomato cut into chunks with scallions, salt, pepper and olive oil with a side of cottage cheese (Cabot brand is the best). I love making my mexican salad, lettuce tomato monterey jack cheese onions olive salsa sour cream & a hand full of baked cornchips, yum. I keep the ready to eat shrimp in the freezer thaws in 10 minutes in luke warm water. I also keep individual separated just enough low fat sirlion/hamburger enough for me in the freezer, takes little time to thaw then season it with seasoning (steak style, mexican, spicy anything) and cook, eat with veggies on the side. I by low fat or turkey kielbasa and fry it with lots of peppers and onion, now normal I would serve it on bread or rice, but it is just as good without. My snacks ultimately have changed to fruits and veggies, w/homemade dips made from sour cream or plain yogurt, just jazz them up (I will sautee onions let them cool and mix in the sourcream or for the yogurt i like crushed pineapple no sugar added or crushed strawberries). I still every couple of days cheat and have some chocolate (dark not milk), doritos or potato chips but my energy plummets a few hours later so I do this closer to bedtime. There is still so much you can do. I use seasonings, gluten free vinegars, gluten free soy sauce, make gluten-free salad dressing, homemade tomato sauce no sugar added. I know my energy levels are better this way. If you like to read get gluten free for dummies and paleo diet and check out paleofood.com. I like the paleo book but I still eat a little sugar, salt and dairy. I do stay away from potatoes, corn, rice (for the most part) but I stay away from things with too many chemicals and too many sugars. I hope this helps! If you need somemore ideas, let me know I have plenty. I am a busy mom and i like things easy, difficulty just doesn't fit into my life. I am also on a budget, so going to by gluten-free cookies cakes and breads just don't fit and after 2 months I just don't missed them. Matter of fact in recovery at the hospital they gave me gluten-free toast, I just don't miss bread at all, I would have rather had a piece of fruit. Good Luck!
  5. Maybe it is the cyst. Why hasn't your doctor removed it? Last August, I was feeling very ill, very tired all the time, heart paps, sleep wasn't an option I was just uncomfortable no matter what I did, I had pains on my sides, the final straw was waking up barely being able to walk. So I went to hospital asked for an ultrasound (I have PCOS) but the er doctor said no and sent me home telling me it was IBS and I was panicking about it (heart palipations). Now not to worry you, but 3 days later, I went to my GYN still unable to walk and he couldn't believe the hospital didn't do an ultrasound, the cyst was the size of a soft ball. This was monday, surgery schedule for wednesday. When I woke up from surgery my GYN said, the cyst had actually burst the ovary and I lost 1/4 of my ovary. This probably happen the friday I woke up unable to walk (5 days of pain and suffering). I suppose I have no effect from the partial loss of the ovary but I would never want to go through that ordeal again. I don't know what your doctor's course of action is, but I would keep on top of it. Whether they take out the cyst surgically or it goes on it's own, you are going to know it. I wish you the best of luck! I really am not trying to worry you, I just want you to listen to what your body tells you and when. Doctors are not always right. At least ask your doctor what you should expect from this cyst and maybe get a script for pain relief for when it does burst.
  6. I have found that trying to stick with a potato based bread is better or even tapioca isn't that bad, the rice breads are the worst. The bread was a tough one for me too. I gave up to tell you the honest truth. The only way I could eat it was if it was toasted (by the time lunch came, it was hard). The firmer it feels the worse it is, but the soft light and fluffy kind costs $4 for 6 slices. I just don't need the bread that much. Try the rolls in the freezer section, they were pretty good. They look like hamburger rolls but good for any kind of sandwich, even pb & j. I have given in to the lettuce wrap. I try different lettuces each week, works for me. I think my favorite lettuce is called bibb or boston, kind of buttery tasting. I have tried corn tortillas too, not all that bad if you cook them first. The other thing I will do... i like the frozen already made potato pizza doughs (not the rice ones), i will buy the thin ones for one person and have an open face sandwich on it, but this is a hot sandwich option. I guess you could cut it in half and have a sandwich too. If you like gluten free crackers, those are good with lunch meat, cheese, peanut butter and jelly. Plain mini rice cakes do the trick too. Hope this helps! I know the ideas aren't bread but maybe replacing it with these alternatives will help!
  7. Ok let me start by saying this will be a vent session!!! But please help... Diag'd w/ Celiac Feb 06, accepted this in August 06 and thus my totally gluten free diet began. My vitamin levels are getting better, great right... BUT NOW my immune system is all over the place, I am breaking out in hives, my face swells and there is a choking cough which leaves me to gasping for air, so in a mad dash I grab my inhalor. After this 30 - 40 minute attack, I am physically exhausted, I have even passed out on the kitchen floor. So my doctor thinks I have allergies to other grains. "YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME". He wants to take away corn, rice and potato. Now what is a girl to do. I love my meats fruits and vegetables, but come on, I needs some junk food every now & then or a baked potato, I just found these rice thai noodles "my saving grace away from pasta". If he even mentions the words "no dairy" we are gonna fight. Tomorrow I go for an allergy test to find out more. But I have a bad feeling my doctor is right. This weekend I cut out the above items and I felt much better, my allergy symptoms really lifted. I still hope maybe it is just one, like the potato - I could live without that. But corn and rice that will be hard. Now I hear about these people on the paleo diet, so I read a little about it... No salt, no sugar, no beans, no soy, no wheat, no corn, no potato, no rice... this list goes on. Anyone following this diet??? & How??? Is anyone else, allergic to all grains??? How do you deal with it???
  8. Friday night while watching a movie, I accidentally grabbed one of my son's cookies and ate it. I guess I was just so into the movie I didn't think. I was doing so good, too. But rather than get down on myself. I will just try harder. Anyway, shortly after eating the cookie, I broke out in hives on my chin, under my chin, down my throat and down my chest. The roof of my mouth itched. I started coughing so much I couldn't breathe, needed my inhalor which I haven't need in over a year & half. Has anyone else experienced this?
  9. I am sorry I can't remember who gave me the rice cake idea for breakfast, but thank you, this has completely changed my life, it's great. Each morning I grab couple rice cakes spread some pb or cc on it, a rice pudding and a piece of fruit. My breakfast has been reinvented. This was my hardest meal, now my days are going so much smoother. This was just the thing I needed to be 100% gluten-free. Well just admitting 2 other things... One - Sunday night after having the talk with my husband that I would only cook 1 meal... I cooked 2. Tacos for dinner... My husband and son wanted to try this cheesy taco packet, of course, wheat right there on the label. So I cooked them 1 lb. & I made a 1/2 lb for me with a gluten-free taco packet. But the cheesy taco packet is out of their system, they tried it, not that great. So for future taco dinners, it will be gluten-free for all. Two - Monday made gluten free pasta, husband & son had no clue. Not a word said, I am actually shocked, that they didn't say anything to me. I know they know I can't have pasta & I am sure they didn't see me cooking. If they did see me cooking then they were just good sports, but really it's not like them. So I assume they just weren't paying attention, so if they notice the next time, i can just say "you ate it before". And gfp, you are a fountain of knowledge, i will be asking you a many of questions.
  10. In my case, the only time, I have a bad day is when I have been glutened. When I had bad days, I could not accept that it was part of the healing process, so I went through everything I ate, every little last detail of what I ate the day before and always came up with gluten somewhere that day. Just be careful, being glutened happens by accident. One time, missed the malt flavoring another time it was triticale and then dextrin. Another time was a rice krispie treat which was gluten free but that day i bought a different brand and it wasn't gluten free.
  11. Well for me, I know the second I wake up and look in the mirror if something I ate had gluten in it, my face is puffy, i feel bloated and there is usually a quick dash to the bathroom. If it was only a little gluten, the D calms down by midmorning, but the puffiness and bloating will still last a few days. In the beginning, maybe for the first 2 weeks, cravings were bad, but after that, the only time I ate things with gluten is when it was inconvient to be gluten free. Like waking up late in the AM, and running out the door only to find myself eating a bagel, bcuz there wasn't a gluten-free option. I find if I have gluten-free foods options around, I don't crave. If I am lookin for gluten-free foods because they aren't around, I am more than likely to sneak a piece of toast from my husband's stash.
  12. Well I am not a doctor but my advice would be to watch your sodium intake. Sodium is in almost everything. Soda, Gatorade, Fruit Juice, Lunch Meats, Soups, On the Table in a Shaker. My father in law was having issues with his arthiritis, then he had a bout with gout, then sharp pains in the kidneys. After being hosptalized, he went home feeling good to only end up back in the hospital 3 weeks later. They found that it was his sodium intake was the culprit. He was drinking about a gallon of gatorade a day (1760mg of sodium). That was before food, had in a blt or a ham sandwich or even a bowl of campbell soup. Imagine the sodium he was consuming in a day.
  13. My chili's is clueless too. I purchased that Clan Thompson SmartList and on it, it gives you the gluten free items at chili's, and tips to make sure it is gluten free, reminder... subject to change without notice... I am not going to put the word Chili's in front of each item, so these are the items at Chili's. Reminder this is not guaranteeing that there has been no cross contamination. Bacon or Ol' Timer burger - No bun Baked Potato Soup Chocolate Shake w/ or w/o sprinkles - see if restraurant has a dedicated mixer for this item Citrus fire chicken & shrimp - no seasoning on shrimp Pico de Gallo Salsa w/ corn tortilla's raw not fried Flamed Grilled Rib Eye - Request dry grill, no garlic toast, no savory steak butter, no herb aus Guiltless Grill Salmon Mushroom Swiss Burger - No Bun, No Fajita Onions Peppercorn Burger, Peppercorn spice is ok - No Bun, No Blue Cheese, No Onion Strings Little Big Mouth Burger - No Bun Corn on the cob Steamed Veggies Brocolli Rice Kettle Beans Mashed Beans Mashed Potatoes The cheese is okay if you prefer a cheeseburger. If you have any questions, regarding the chili's menu and gluten you can email guestrelations@brinker.com
  14. Sorry to hear, never fun feeling ill. Yes several sausages have gluten. I was looking at the grocery store yesterday. These doctors that tell you there is absolutely no way it is celiac??? Have they run the blood work and a biopsy? Even if they have, read what happened to me... A doctor at the hospital that I was admitted to, told my husband, he had no clue what was wrong with me, NONE, every test was negative (only ran tests for appendicitis), wrote a letter to my doctor, every test was negative. I got a copy of all this paperwork. It stated and I am not kidding, "Can't be Celiac, patient overweight"; none of the celiac tests had been run. Yes I am overweight but 2 months before the hospital I weighed 190, that day in the hospital I was down to 168. The hospital dr was told that I lost 22lbs in 2 months. The next week, extremely sick on a chicken noodle, cracker and toast diet. In my doctor's office (by the way my dr is not a MD he is a DO) crying make it stop, I was going to the bathroom 12 times a day. My doctor immediately tested. Blood work all positive, then the biopsy was negative, but my doctor said, not a doubt in his mind, it is celiac disease, he didn't care if the biopsy was negative or not, he said, this was not an intolerence, due to my blood work showed clearly I am deficient in 5 vitamins and that day I started taking 5 supplements. With all of this information, he called my health coverage provider and was able to get them to pay for a dietician (what a waste). Which was covered under celiac disease but not under gluten intolerance. He said if the test was done again it'd probably be positive, that not all biopsies are correct depending on who is reading the biopsy and how they interpret it, my dr was not a gastro office so he didn't perform the test, I have now been referred to a gastro, but my health coverage won't cover another biopsy till next year, which the gastro dr states next year I won't need a biopsy, because by then, I will be healed. He asked if I could get my mother to do all the tests, who had all the symptoms, I had, but not as bad. She was positive blood and biopsies. 3 month later, another call, guess what... my gastro got copies of ALL the hospital biospy reports... "Minimal damage to villi", not Villi are perfect or Villi are healthy... MINIMAL DAMAGE. My doctor filed a complaint on my behalf. I am not suing anyone, just complaining. Apparently a separate letter is written out to the doctors and copies of reports are not sent, just a letter of result, kind of thing. So doctors aren't always perfect, if you feel better on gluten-free diet then follow it. But any future tests may be wrong if you are following a gluten-free diet. My gastro said he would run the biopsy next year, only if I was willing to eat 2 slices of bread everyday for three months. Well I am not willing.
  15. Well I have been gone for the weekend and I am now back with exciting news. I appreciate everyone's input. I read them all. As far as all the posts - very overwhelming and nothing at this point is too harsh (after the way my doctor treated me). I need it straight to the point. Today I have found out that I need separate cutting boards, sponges, etc. I was thinking at first you have got to be kidding me , but I have to stop thinking this way and do what will make me healthy again. When I was diag'd in Feb '06, I had that attitude, you've got to be kidding me and followed the diet on and off again (more than likely due to the difficulty of making 2 meals). I had only gotten sicker and sicker. In June, my doctor's assistant sat me down and said to me, you can die, you can have osteoporisis, I personally don't care especially if you are not going to do what you need to do. The last words out of his mouth were "if you need a pyschatrist I can refer you to a good one, who can help you sort out your food issues". I was shocked, i don't have food issues, I don't need a shrink for this, I need a personal 100% gluten-free chef. So I have been doing the best I can possibly can. With a few flaws, but 99% better than before. I am getting the hang of it and I now understand the importance of it. This weekend I spoke with my husband and he just didn't realize how sick and weak I am, he thought this was just a diet thing and it was going to go away. He now realizes how important it is that I don't eat gluten or cross-contaminate gluten. And that I am too tired to have 6 pots cooking at one time for 2 meals. Yesterday we went to d'angelos sandwich shop, looked online at the menu ahead of time, knew I was going to get a blt w/ cheese and mushrooms - no bread. The kid behind the counter looked at me stunned, "no bread how do I do that", as my husband pipes up, "yeah she can't have bread it makes her sick, put it in a bowl". Which I thought was adorable, he was actually standing up for me. So the kid had to ask someone, how to make the computer do that, and everyone else behind the counter, knew how. One woman said you have that gluten thing huh? And told me, they could accommodate me anytime.
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