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  1. That’s great thank you, that’s what I’ve been thinking just eating it before I sleep so I (hopefully) minimise the discomfort. Hopefully they do!!
  2. Hi folks, I am curious about what to expect when eating gluten for the first time after following a non-gluten diet (accidental or purposeful). I am currently waiting for an endoscopy (was due to have one early March but got cancelled due to COVID). Since then I’ve been having really bad s...
  3. Hi there, I’m due for an endoscopy (currently no longer have a date due to COVID) and am just very nervous about what to expect. I have quite a low pain tolerance and an awful gag reflex, would it be worth me requesting sedation for the procedure or is it not that bad? I’m the first mem...
  4. Hi, I’ve been really struggling to manage my symptoms of possible celiac disease and was just hoping for some guidance. (This is about to be very long so I’m sorry) Early December I had a bad fall and suffered some trauma to the head and was also under a lot of stress due to mock examinations. Fo...