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  1. Indiana born. Lafayette actually. Had severe seasonal allergies and have been in Seattle since 86. Havent been back there since the late 70's. Headed back to Illinois in Nov to attend a B.B. King concert with my older sister. Seeking out those with Celiac at our church here in Seattle. Having ideas of a WF/gluten-free community dinner in the future there. I like the chocolate quote by the way.....mostly because I like chocolate! Be enocouraged!
  2. eKatherine; just tried as seattlecdfriend and got a response of no user with that logon. jerseyangel; did communicate with Scott, but to no avail. i'll just stay with seacdfriend for now
  3. Recently became a member as a celiac disease friend. However, I could not log on for a 2nd time. I would try logon as seattlecdfriend and 1) be told that no one has that logon name and 2) after following the link for a forgotten password, be told that someone else has that email address- me. So, I've re-registered as seacdfriend from my work email. That is functioning properly (clearly). However, Id rather use the logon linked to my home pers. address. Solutions? tx
  4. ]floridanative.. thanks for your comments. I've encountered a log-in problem with the forum, so at least for now you'll "see" me as "seacdfriend" I will have to admit I have learned quite a bit from these few postings and everyones replies- NoGluGirls especially- have sparked a bit of a fire in me. This is an incredibly unusual road for all of you to walk. I'm just trying to understand as I'm walking with my friend. We attend a rather large church here in Seattle and I began to wonder how many others there are on this same road. There are bound to be quite a few as about 5,000 people attend each Sunday, so I have some local sleuthing to do. Bye for now
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