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  1. Allright I know this is a bad habit but was curious if anyone knew if Chewing Tobacco had gluten in it? Thanks
  2. Does anyone have trouble with oils? Olive Oil, Sunflower Oil?
  3. Hi all, first post, i have just been diagnosed with Celiac and to tell you the truth it feels good. Not good but just to finally know. Anyway...I have some questions I hope you could all help me with. I have learned so much from this website and do not know what i would do with out it. Okay, here they are. 1. I seem to react to soy, diary, peanuts, possibly citrus and walnuts. Was curious if anybody else had this problem, and if so, if anyone replies to this could they please list what else they react to so I could watch out for it. 2. Now that i am gluten free, when i do eat something bad i get like a quick jolt in my gut, like someone squeezed it real quick...pretty random but just wondering. 3. The jolt is followed by about 45 minutes of brain fog, like jekyl and hyde, it's like two different worlds. 4. I drank gin last weekend and got glutened...I thought it was allright but i guess not..any comments on that possibly. Thank you all very much and i look forward to hearing and sharing experience with you all Jarrett
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