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  1. I got tested because I had severe anemia. The anemia has gotten much better now that I'm taking 1000 mg of iron. It is now normal but before that all happened, my pcp sent me to my GI doc to be scoped and that's when the biopsy came back.
  2. I saw my GI doc and he ordered the blood tests which haven't come back. The lab couldn't find them!! So probably will have to do again. Anyways, at this point because the biopsy came back "suggested of gluten-sensitivity enteropathy" the doc says I have sub-clinical celiac. Basically he said it means I don't have all 5 markers for Celiac - just the one - the biopsy. Isn't the biopsy the gold standard though? I'm just really confused because he said if the blood comes back negative then I don't have Celiac and don't have to follow a gluten-free diet. However, he set me up to see a nutrionist. They called and said the diagnosis was "sub-clinical celiac". I'm just confused now. I'm also starting to get depressed about this whole thing. I feel like even trying to read labels is a big challenge because it is SO confusing! I don't see the nutritionist until Oct 18th which is a long time. Should I start gluten-free diet now? I don't really have any bothersome symptoms - at least I didn't think I did. I get migraines, irritable, etc but I thought that was perimenopause now I'm wondering if it is all related to gluten. Thanks for reading - listening! Laura
  3. Sorry didn't mention that the path says "suggestive of gluten-sensitive enteropathy" don't know how much of a difference that will make.
  4. I see my GI doc tomorrow after a suspicious path report of "gluten-sensitivity enteropathy". What blood tests should I have done? If he doesn't suggest any, I want to be able to tell him the ones that need to be done so we can figure out if it is Celiac or something else. Anybody have a list or a place I can find the typical bloodwork that is done to detect Celiac or any other "immune-mediated disease" (as my path report stated). Are there other tests besides blood and then biopsy(which was done)? Any scans, etc that help detection? Thanks!
  5. No I haven't had any bloodwork done yet. I see the GI doc tomorrow to discuss the path report so I'm very curious to see what he says. Thanks
  6. In terms of symptoms, that's the weird thing - I don't feel like I've really had any but maybe each time I thought I had a stomach bug it was actually a reaction to gluten? I do get headaches quite a bit and I always seem to have diarrhea right before my period starts. I've been attributing most of my odd feelings to being 41 now and thought that maybe perimenopause was coming. What other symptoms should I be noting. In terms of elimination I seem to either be diarrhea or constipation (usually the latter one). They did also say I had gastric polyps that were benign. I have to be careful because I am a 10 year breast cancer survivor so I know that I have an increased risk for other cancers so I REALLY want to know what my body is doing so I can hopefully fix it nutritionally. I also have the Lap-Band (got 3 years ago) and have lost 80 lbs because I was obese. That has made me feel much better overall but now with this I'm wondering if the lap-band surgery "activated something". It is the Band and not the gastric bypass. I didn't want anyone changing and rerouting things so I just have the adjustable band. If it needs to come out, they can do that. Laura
  7. Hi, 3 months ago I was dx'd with severe anemia. Put on iron supplements. Saw my GI doc and scheduled an EGD and colonoscopy to see if my anemia had any GI connection (personally I thought my anemia was menstrual related). Anyways, got a call from GI nurse and they said I needed a follow-up. She couldn't translate the path report and I can't see doc until this Tuesday Aug 29th so I went down and got a copy of path report. It says: "Although the villous architecture appears rather unremarkable, the presence of marked intraepithelial lymphocytosis within the villous surface epithelium is suggestive of gluten-sensitive enteropathy or other immune-mediated disorders. Clinical and serologic correlation recommended" So it kinda says it could be Celiac - right? Or is it saying it IS Celiac based on pathology of small intestine damage. It's pretty confusing and shocking to me because I wasn't expecting that they'd find anything and now that they have, what's next. I guess blood tests. Also what could "other immune-mediated disorders" be - Crohn's, etc??? Any ideas? input appreciated Laura
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